Few Fengshui Solutions

v    Pakua Mirror

A pakua mirror is used to ward off wrong vibrations entering a building, mostly through the main door. The wrong or harmful Chi will be emanating from a distant point due to secret arrows. It may be an ugly looking tree in front of your house or the roofline of the opposite building or the cross of a church or a temple tower. It may not always be possible to locate their origin. Secret arrows can get formed at great distances and the house can still be receiving bad Chi although you many not find any source of secret arrows in front or at the back of your building. It is therefore always safe to install a Pakua Mirror on the front door. If you have a back door to the house, then it is advisable to have one more pakua mirror installed over it so that both doors are safe.

A Pakua mirror consists of a round convex mirror mounted at the center of an octagonal shaped Pakua. In the Pakua, all sectors are represented with their respective colours and symbols. The octagonal plate is made out of high-grade plastic to withstand outdoor use.

A Pakua mirror should only be installed outside. It should never be used inside a building. Locate a place, which is above the centre-point of the main door or back door frame and roofline. Ideally it should be placed at equidistant from the roofline and doorframe. Hang the Pakua mirror with the help of the back hook provided after inserting a nail to the wall.

v    Wind Chimes

Wind chime is one of the most frequently employed powerful cures. It is made out of very high quality brass tubes and is powder coated to give lasting life free from corrosion. It is hand crafted to great precision so that the chiming goes on even when very little breeze is present.

While installing the wind chime, look for a place in your house or apartment where natural breeze enters all the time from a window. Again, it will be best if the wind chime is installed as near the center of the house as possible so that the chiming sound is heard in every corner of the house. This is one way to make sure that the vibrations are indeed reaching and filling the entire building.

Always make sure that the chiming noise is heard in the building wherever you are. If you can hear it at any corner, then you can be sure that the chime effect fills the house. Select the place where this can be achieved.

A wind chime is believed to neutralize the negative energy and stimulate good Chi. Surprisingly, the belief of Hindus in this matter is identical to that of the Chinese. Normally, in every Hindu temple, bells are installed and frequently sounded. All Hindu homes also have small pooja rooms in their dwellings where the bell is an integral part.

v    Mandarin Doves

The doves are made out of high quality wood and conform to the stipulated guidelines of Fengshui masters. The pair consists of male and female. They should always be kept together one by the side of the other, not one facing the other.

The ideal place to keep the mandarin doves is the Southwest master bedroom. The exact location is unimportant. What is important is that they should be placed at such a place that you can look at them while lying on the bed. They should be easily seen while entering the room or while leaving it. This cure is intended to improve the relationship between husband and wife and make life more harmonious. They are also recommended to be placed in the room of a spinster or bachelor on the look out for a suitable life partner. Fengshui experts believe that marriage takes place in a short span if the doves are placed in the room of the needy.

v    Small Pyramid

Although pyramids are not a part of Fengshui, it is well known that they are liberators of positive energy. As we all know, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Kept in any negative atmosphere, a pyramid converts the negative vibrations to positive ones and hence provides a good cure.

The small pyramid supplied with the kit is meant to be kept in a cash box to enhance luck in money matters. Busy executives who use their cars for business purposes will do well to keep a small pyramid in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

v    Crystals

Natural quartz crystals are energy intensifiers. The crystal, which is cut at different angles to reflect light all round, energizes an area. Ideally, it should be hung in the northwest corner of the building or in the northwest room. It helps to improve relationships between the family members. It also brings in helpful people to your life. It improves money matters and brings good luck.

v    Celestial Animals

There are four celestial animals, one for each direction

 Animal  Colour  Ruling Direction
 Dragon  Green  East
 Tiger  White  West
 Phoenix  Red  South
 Turtle  Black  North

The vibrations from any or all directions can be weak due to defects present in that direction or directions. Fengshui holds that the directional attributes of every celestial animal can be restored inside the building by hanging the figures of celestial animals. The celestial animal replicas are made in the stipulated colors on wooden plates. The plates are provided with a self-adhesive sticker for easy fixing.

Ideally, they are installed in the drawing hall where all family members assemble and most of the time is spent together. Mark the centerline of each wall with the help of a measuring tape. On the centerline select a point, which is about 7 feet from the ground. Repeat the procedure on other walls.

Now peel off the protective paper on the adhesive and stick the wooden plate at the point marked. Please note that the dragon should be mounted on the East wall, the tiger on the West, Red Phoenix on South and Turtle on the North wall. Leave it in place.

Once you have installed them, make sure that the dragon and the tiger are in one line. While sticking the figure, ensure that the dragon’s tail is towards north and so is the case with the tiger.

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