Golden Dictums Of Vaastu

Vaastu endows peace and prosperity to all mankind. A house, big or small, built as per Vaastu makes the life pleasant and prosperous. It is believable, because of its universal efficacy.


v    A small site Vaastu potential – Proves to be most beneficial.

v    First the site be corrected – Next the house be erected.

v    Laying foundation in northeast – Acquiring the natural powers to the best.

v    Construction of compound wall – Gives protection forever and all.

v    Set the southwest to set square – Obtain riches from everywhere.

v    Excavate from the northeast – Construct the house at the earliest.

v    Construction of foundation from southwest – Proves to be auspiciously best.

2. DOORS :

v    Eastern entrance – Is a bountiful concurrence.

v    Door in eastern southeast – Endangers health along with theft and unrest.

v    Entrance in southern southeast – helps the female spouse most.

v    Southern entrance – Showers fortunes a bounce.

v    House with a door in southern southwest – More frightful for woman at rest.

v    Door in western southwest – Is more damaging for the life of the host.

v    Western entrance – Improves the household’s happiness.

v    Western northwest entry – Showers a series of glory.

v    Northern northwest entrance – Enhances instability and menace.

v    Door in the north – Golden gate to progress path.

v    Door in northern northeast – Enhances female health and financial prosperity of the host.

v    Eastern northeast door – Sanctions worthy children and fame a-lore.


v    From east to southern southwest movement – Is inauspicious to female inhabitant.

v    From east to western southwest movementBewitches the male host with unrest.

v    Doors from east to west in line – Ushers precious glory to the host benign.

v    Movement from east to western northwest – Brings illness to the whole family nest.

v    Movement from eastern southeast to west – Leads the host to detriment.

v    From southern southeast to northern northwest movement – Causes quarrels and troubles every moment.

v    Passage from south to northern northwest – Damages female character at the most.

v    South to northern northeast passages – Privilege to the female inhabitants.

v    Passage to northern northeast from west – Assures success and victories at the best.

v    From west to eastern northeast movement – Bestows male progeny and intellectual development.

v    Movement from north towards south – Ushers unending riches and growth.

v    Passage from north to southern southeast – Infuriate rivalries and unrest.

v    Passage from north to southern southwest in a house – Penetrate ill omens to the female spouse.

v    A house facing towards west – Must have a yard in the east.

v    A house facing the south – Should have a yard in the east.

v    A shop facing the south should have an exit in north – It’s not a must, if it doesn’t have it henceforth.

v    A shop facing west, better to have a door in the east – It’s not a must, if it doesn’t have the least.

v    A door to the east is a must – Lest it drag away the life of the host.

v    Towards west, a door must be – Lest it mar the life of the host.

v    A site set to compass – Have doors in NEWS a-mass.

4. GATES :

v    Eastern gate – Ensures regular feast.

v    Gate in eastern southeast – A spear in the chest.

v    Southern southeast gate – Ushers in fortunes agate.

v    Southern gate – throws open the highway to the fortunate.

v    Southern southwest gate – Venomous serpent’s bite.

v    Erect in western southwest a gate – Bring untimely death as fast.

v    Gate in west – Earn glory to male most.

v    Western northwest gate – Is auspicious and the best.

v    Gate in the northern northwest – Day-in and day-out maketh worst.

v    Gate in north – Enjoy always mirth.

v    Gate in northern northeast – Brings happiness to the dearest.

v    In eastern northeast gate install – Invite peace and prosperity to all.

5. WALLS :

v    Western walls higher than that of east – Happier the inmates with riches fast.

v    Eastern walls higher than that of west – Unhealthy to the residents almost.

v    Higher northern wall than that of south – The finances of house are at dearth.

v    Southern wall higher than that of north – Ushers the chances of amazing wealth.

v    Awry eastern wall – Worries the male in all.

v    Awry southern wall – Makes the female health fall.

v    Awry Western Wall – Affects happiness of one and all.

v    Awry northern wall – Drenches finances and females as well.

6. EXITS :

v    Exits in the northeastern room – Shower upon the host of favorable boom.

v    Northern exit to northeastern room – Allows growth of wealth like mushroom.

v    Eastern exit to southeastern room – In debilitated position of the house, brings doom.

v    An exit to the southeastern room in southern southeast – Brings prosperity to woman almost.

v    Southern exit to the room in southwest – In debilitated position of the house, to woman folk its worst.

v    An exit in west to southwestern room, in debilitated position of the house – Health condition confused of the spouse.

v    Exit to northwestern room in west – Establishes name and fame, the best.

v    Exit to northwestern room in north – In debilitated position, the peace of women folk is in dearth.


v    Stairs from east to west – Earn glory to the host.

v    Stairs from north to south – Pave way to financial growth.

v    Stairs in northeast or southwestern room – Drag the peaceful life towards doom.

v    Stairs in southern or western room – Drive away the doom and bring in bloom.


v    Annexation of eastern plots – appreciation of glory and wealth a lot.

v    Annex not the southeastern plot – Tribute not the troubles apart.

v    In south, do not annex a plot – Let your protection, may become naught.

v    Annex not a plot in southwest though gifted – Do not allow your joy get drifted.

v    Annexing the plot in west – Putting the health under test.

v    A plot in north most preferred – Prospers in all the tasks ventured.

v    Acquire a plot in northeast – Obtain prosperous life and feast.

v    Land in northeast lost – Bid adieu to riches fast.


v    More open yard in east than in west – Showers glory and fame to males best.

v    In south more open yard than in north – Is a root cause for any dearth.

v    More open space in north than south – To the spouse, brings in health and wealth.

v    More open place in west than east – Affects the capabilities of male to the least.

v    No open space in northeast – Amounts to suffocation in the chest.

v    The house built in intermediate directions – should have equal open space in southeast and northwest directions.

v    To the house built in inter direction – Southwest open space should excel in northeast direction.


v    Right on eastern boundary construction – Leads pleasures and comforts to destruction.

v    Construction of out-houses right on southern boundary – Obtains good omens beyond worry.

v    Construction of out-houses right on boundary in west – Attracts name and fame behest.

v    Construction right on the northern boundary – Drains avenues of female happiness and prosperity.


v    House projecting into eastern street – Makes the host a leader, none to beat.

v    House projecting into southern street – Is an abode where the unfortunates meet.

v    Into Western Street when a house projects – Becomes a seat of ill fate and neglects.

v    House projecting into northern street – Makes the owner rich beyond beat.


v    Let the rain and sewage water flow towards northeast – Welcome blessings from all around like feast.

v    Flow of water from northeast – Is the base for the prosperity of the host.

v    Towards east let the water flow – With fortunes, let the household glow.

v    Flow of water towards south – Blows out female health.

v    Flow of water from southern southwest – Throws out health of females, no doubt.

v    Rain and sewage water flow through western southwest – Knocks down the health of the host.

v    Flow of water towards southwest – Proves to be the worst.

v    Flowing of rain and sewage water towards west – Pumps down the health of the host.

v    Flow of water towards north in a house – Contributes to the health of female spouse.

v    Flow of water towards northern northeast – Makes the female spouse enjoy the health best.


v    Water sump in east and eastern northeast – Pumps the health into house, abreast.

v    Underground water tank in north and northern northeast – Is a scheduled bank for the income, chaste.

v    Storing water in southeast in a tank above the ground – Evolving peace and prosperity around.

v    Storing water in tank above the ground in south and west – Hoisting the flag of peace and rest.

v    Water storage in southwest and northwest, above the ground -Blessed with unique prosperity abound.

v    Storing water in southeast and southwest under ground – For prolonged illness and death, preparing the ground.

v    In northern northwest and western northwest under ground level – Approaching the death upon the anvil.


v    Drainage pipe in east – Peace and prosperity to the host.

v    Drainage pipe in eastern southeast – Proves baneful to the children most.

v    Drainage pipe towards south – Severs peace and pace from house forthwith.

v    Drainage pipe in southern southwest of house – Deteriorates the health of female spouse.

v    Drainage pipe in western southwest – baneful to the welfare of the host.

v    Drain pipe towards west – A snake which saps all the best.

v    Drain pipe in northern northwest of a habitation – A perennial source of long litigation.

v    Drainage pipe in the north – Brings home the benign growth.

v    Drainage pipe in northern northeast – Ensures proper placement of wealth at crest.

v    Drain pipe in eastern northeast – Ushers health and wealth to males foremost.


v    Eastward bathroom – Is peaceful life’s boom.

v    Bathroom in south sans pit– Keeps the riches and be fit.

v    Bathroom in west sans pit – Enlarges family and keeps well knit.

v    Bathroom in north – Paves way for comforts bequeath.


v    Eastern bedroom – Prefer when there’s no other room.

v    Bed in southeast for the second – Enjoying feasts all the year round.

v    Bed room in south – Ensures permanent good health.

v    Master’s bed in southwest – Ensures success at the best.

v    Bedroom in west – Is safe sail for life and rest.

v    For the third, bed in the northwest – Assures peace and prosperity abreast.

v    Bedroom in north for the young – Paves way to success enthrone.

v    Spouse sleeping in northeastern room – Invites deadly diseases and doom


v    Placing the head towards east – Ensures health at its best.

v    Placement of head towards south – Improves health and bears growth.

v    Placing head towards west – Causes restless sleep and unrest.

v    Placement of head towards north – Preferring fatal diseases and death.


v    Face east while cooking – Make the house a place of happy living.

v    Arrange hearth in southeastern part – Derive happy living and riches apart.

v    Facing towards south while cooking – Brings financial troubles and suffering.

v    Arrange hearth in southwest – When no other choice left at the least.

v    Face west in northwestern room while cooking – When alteration is lacking.

v    Arrange hearth in western northwest – Only to be done as a last asset.

v    Hearth in northern northwest – Proves most fatal to the dearest.

v    Face not north while cooking – Avoid catastrophes and suffering.

v    Prefer not a hearth in northeast – Lest, it would invite the dreadful worst.


v    Face not east in toilet – Lose not health and become unfit.

v    In the east the septic tank – Proves beneficial as a scheduled bank.

v    Toilet in southeast – Is a healthy financial aspect.

v    Toilet in southeast with pit – Mars the health and makes unfit.

v    Face the south in toilet – Be healthy and gain many a profit.

v    Septic tank in southern part – Makes life insecure as impost.

v    Toilet in southwest with a pit – Diseases health beyond doubt.

v    Sit not in toilet facing west – Cut not health to the crust.

v    Septic tank in west – Allows diseases to play the worst.

v    Toilet in northwest – Proves beneficial as cataphract.

v    Toilet in Northwest with pit – Breeds never-ending litigation and covets.

v    Septic tank in north – Encourages financial growth.

v    Face north in the toilet – Usher prosperity and health a lot.

v    Toilet in northeast – Always proves a negative catalyst.


v    Cellar in the east – Is bountiful chest.

v    Cellar in the south – Lessens the lifeline beyond synth.

v    Cellar in the west – Never ending struggle with the worst.

v    Cellar in the north portion – Proves for women a lucky adoration.


v    Out house in southeast away from eastern compound wall – Is most beneficial to females all.

v    Out-house in southeast intact with the east compound wall – Determines the ladies fall.

v    Southwestern outhouse – Adorns with celestial amuse.

v    An outhouse in northwest on north compound wall – Checkmate to the fortunes of all.

v    Outhouse in northwest away from north compound wall – Provides pleasures and fortunes at call.

v    Outhouse in northeast – Is a wheel of beast.


v    Well in the east – An everlasting pleasure resort.

v    Well in southeast of the house – Always detrimental to women in the house.

v    Well in the south – An opening to female loathful death.

v    Well in the southwest – A path to hell, diseases and drift.

v    Well in the west – A hell in the life of the host.

v    Well in northwestern portion – Leads to perennial litigation.

v    Well in north – An arm of benediction and warmth.

v    Well in northeast – Unparalleled benediction as the best.

v    Sink well in northeast first – Construct the house with that water, next.


v    An eastern slanting projection – Improves the health of males to perfection.

v    A southern slanting projection – Destroys female folk and wealth without hesitation.

v    Slanting projection in west – Kills the health of the male and makes unrest.

v    Projection slanted towards north – Improves health of the female folk and wealth.


v    Room under eastern projection in southeast – Peace and prosperity booms a-mast.

v    Room in southeast under southern projection – Sweeps the happiness of females, a broom function.

v    Room in southwest under southern projection – Brightens the star for perfection.

v    Room under western projection in western southwest – Proves to be beneficial to men’s interest.

v    Under western projection, a room in northwest – Bans male folk of their zest.

v    Under northern projection, a room in northwest – A boom for female fold and the capital interest.

v    Under northern projection, a room in northeast – Bruises the happiness of women to the least.

v    Room under eastern projection in northeast – Hits at master’s progressive crest.


v    Cupboard in eastern portion of a room – depicts income and brings on doom.

v    Cupboard in southeast – Continuous source of exhaust.

v    Cupboard in south in the room – enhances financial boom.

v    Cupboard facing north in southwest – Endows bountiful wealth abreast.

v    A chest in southwest facing east – Symbolizes an everlasting financial feast.

v    Almirah, facing east, in west – A permanent source of financial boost.

v    Almirah in northern northwest – A source of financial unrest.

v    Iron chest in north – Causes constant money dearth.

v    Almirah in northeast – Makes dearth of even break fast.


v    Southeastern divergent structures – Encourages robbery and fire bunker.

v    Southwestern divergent structures – Augurs fortunes premature.

v    Divergent structure in northwest – Proves to be a sheer waste.

v    Divergent structure in northeast – Results in utter disgust.


v    Opening in the east to the convergent structure – Makes men the most influenced living structure.

v    Convergent structure with an opening in the south – Provokes women’s ill health.

v    Opening in west to convergent structure – Dwindles men’s health and makes caricature.

v    Convergent structure with an opening in north – Improves women’s health and bounces wealth.


v    Add-yard in southeast – Makes one an Epicurean fast.

v    Additional yard in southwest – Necessitates construction at the earliest.

v    Add-yard in northwest – Litigates and fuse unrest.

¨     Add-yard in northern northeast – Makes the host the richest.

v    Add-yard in northeast – Brings in bounty the most.

v    People having add-yards in eastern northeast – Earn unparalleled name and fame fast.

v    Elevated add-yards in northern and eastern northeast – Derail the life towards holocaust.


v    Biogas plant with a pit towards east – Riches and happiness comes in like a grant.

v    Biogas plant with the pit towards east – Brings misery and baneful death.

v    Biogas plant with the pit in west – Starts a baneful disasterous account.

v    Biogas plant with the pit in north – Befits the in-mates with health and wealth.


v    Road running down towards east – Keeps in happiness the residents of that area most.

v    Road running down towards west – To the inhabitants causes unrest.

v    Road gradient from south to north – Ushers prosperity, and wealth without dearth.

v    Road running down towards south – Leads to Doom’s Day of wealth.

v    Down towards northeast from southwest – Blesses with prosperity and progeny best.

v    Down towards southwest from northeast – Tricks down the people to their worst.


v    Basil plant in eastern-down – Keeps up the health of female benign.

v    Basil fort in south – A super protection to female health.

v    Erect a basil fort in west – Ensure the healthy life of female a lot.

v    Basil fort in north elevation – Hopes of wealth is only a conviction.

v    Basil fort in northeast – Never keeps the female at rest.


v    Upstairs in the east – Hits bad the host.

v    Southern upstairs – enhances wealth encore.

v    Upstairs in the west – For the male chances are best.

v    Upstairs in the north – Averts growth of wealth.


v    In east the overhead tank – The power of males will not rank.

v    Overhead tank in southeast – Presupposes a higher structure in southwest.

v    Erect overhead tank in south – Enhance the choices of prosperity and growth.

v    Overhead tank in southwest – Overwhelms with wealth abreast.

v    Overhead tank in west be provided – Health for the whole nest be invited.

v    In northwest the overhead tank should be the last option – It requires structures in southeast and southwest with high level construction.

v    Erecting overhead tank in north – No doubt it drives out all the wealth.

v    Northern overhead tank – Leads out the host to penury rank.


v    Low-level pials in east – Blesseth the household with zest.

v    High-level pials in east – Fatal to the male host most.

v    Pials in southeast more elevated than southwest – Cause concern about household health and rest.

v    Pials elevated in south – Improve prosperity and health.

v    Pials in south, less elevated – Financial growth fastly arrested.

v    High-level pials in southwest – Positive catalyses for growth and rest.

v    Elevated pials in west – Ushers an era of rich harvest.

v    Pials in west, less elevated – Drag away towards ruin unarrested.

v    Pials, less elevated, in western northwest – Negative catalyses for wealth and rest.

v    High-level pials in north – Drudge up females happiness and health.

v    Pials less elevated towards north – Bless the host with the best of health.

v    Elevated pials in northern northeast – Engrave the happiness of the females the worst.

v    High-level pials in eastern northeast – Drain out the glory of the host against.

18. ATTIC :

v    Attic attached to eastern wall – Creates a lot of panic for all.

v    Attic bearing with southern walls – Most beneficent to one and all.

v    Attic resting on western walls – A seat of prosperity and scroll.

v    Attic on the northern wall – Most fatal to inhabitants, a fall.

19. GODOWN :

v    Northeastern godown – Never brings adoration upon.

v    Store in southwestern outhouse – Ever lasting bounty to amuse spouse.

v    Godown in east of the southeastern kitchen – Blesseth the household with adoration.

v    Stores in south and west – Permanent seats for the richest.

v    Store room in the north – Aggravator of Vaastu, on earth.


v    Grow not the trees in eastern part – Waste not the Vaastu potential of entire plot.

v    Growing flower plants in eastern southeast – Blesseth the habitants with greater amusement.

v    Trees growing in southern southeast – Inmates enjoy health and feast.

v    Hearth in northern northwest – Save inmates with complete protection.

v    Trees in southern southwest – Embalm the health of female, the choicest.

v    Trees in western southwest – Contribute a lot for the health of host.

v    Trees grown in west portion – Preserve health and provide perfect protection.

v    Growing trees in western northwest – Bearing golden wings weathering heights the highest.

v    Flower plants in northern northwest – Fortune stumped upon with growing zest.

v    Growing of trees in north – Day by day, drains the wealth.

v    Trees in northern northeast – For the women folk, a venomous bite.

v    The eastern northeast trees – Make the health of the male decrease.


v    Heavy items in eastern part – keep wealth and glory apart.

v    Items heavy in south – Enhances physical and financial growth.

v    Heavy items in west – An era of peace and rest.

v    Heavy items in north – Cause mental tension and feverish dearth.

v    Northeast side is heavy – Dearth of revenues and avenues curvy.

22. HEAPS :

v    Heaps of stones and waste material in east – Fume away wealth and health to the least.

v    Waste material and heap of stones in south – Make the life a golden open mouth.

v    Heaps of stones and waste material in southwest – Pearl shells for financial growth to host.

v    Heaps of stones and waste material in west – Start an era of the first and the best.

v    Stones and waste material in north – Bring in strains and dearth.

v    Heaps of stones and the waste in northeast – Enflame all the avenues of rest to the least.


v    Street thrust in eastern southeast – Beats at the sources of wealth and rest.

v    Southern southeast street trust – Encourages the host towards financial crest.

v    Southern southwest street trust – Hits at the health and wealth of female most.

v    Street thrust in western southwest – Punches the destiny of male as a ghost.

v    Western Northwest Street trust – Enthrones forward to be the leader of trust.

v    Street thrust in northern northwest – Piercing lance to the pleasures of females most.

v    Street trust in northern northeast – Enhances avenues for female happiness the richest.

v    Eastern northeast street trust – Improves power and authority of male host.


v    Gradient towards east – Offers health and happiness behest.

v    Southeast more gradient than northeast – Reign health aberrations more in the nest.

v    South gradient – Growth hindrance is immanent.

v    Gradient towards southwest – head under serpent’s crest.

v    Gradient towards west – No hopes! Happiness also is lost.

v    Northwest more gradient than northeast – Nowhere the hopes are high, loss at last.

v    Gradient towards north – Chances are bright for financial growth.

v    Gradient towards northeast – Enforce all round development never to lost.


v    Land elevation in east – fatal to health and wealth as the last.

v    Land elevated in south – Bearing star of health and wealth.

v    Land elevated in southwest – Establishes the host as the first and foremost.

v    Elevated land in west – Turns up household into golden chest.

v    Land elevated in southeast, northwest, and northeast more than southwest – Downfall of the host to lose his might.

v    Elevated land in north – A root cause of dismal dearth.

v    Land elevated in northeast – Saps off riches to the least.


v    Eastern southeast extension – Boosts turmoil and perversion.

v    Angular extension in southern southeast – Breeds quarrels and insult.

v    Extension of southern southeast in right angle – Benedicts the glory of the male.

v    Extension of southern southwest – Deludes joys of female rest.

v    Western southwest extension – Hosts life line contraction.

v    Angular extension of western northwest – Indicates frivolous nature of host.

v    Right-angular extension of western northwest – Rejuvenate the joyous life to the best.

v    Northern northwest extension – Lineage of the host moves unto contraction.

v    Extension of northern northeast – Expansion of wealth riches in the chest.

v    Extension of eastern northeast – Engraves life prosperous and zest.

v    Extension of eastern northeast to the house – Contraction of lineage of the spouse.

v    Extension of northern northwest to the house – Loss of wealth and builds abuse.


v    Chopped curve in southeast – Drives far away the insult.

v    Southwest chopped curve – arrest the holocaust move.

v    Chopped curve in northwest – Binds one closest.

v    Debilitate not the northeast – Decelerate not the lineage in future next.

v    Chop not a corner unnecessarily – Opt not a brainteaser willingly.


v    Closure in the east – Endangers males most.

v    Close not eastern southeast – Enflame not the avenues of peace and rest.

v    Closure of south – Prosperity of female is an ensured truth.

v    Close of southwest – Enjoy the riches abreast.

v    Closure of west – Rouses the glory of the host.

v    Closure of northern northwest – Rules out the chances of rest.

v    North is closed – Finances are drained.

v    Closure of northeast – Closure of ‘Life-Line’ account.


v    Uncovered east – Hoisted most to the glory of the host.

v    Uncovered south – Brings female suffering and death.

v    Leave not west uncovered – Expose not betterment unguarded.

v    Uncovered north – Propose perennial growth.


v    Deity’s corner and side is not cared – Devotional fervor is mostly craved.

v    Permanent niche in northeast wall – Dwindles Vaastu’s might to the least and fall.

v    Permanent niche in south and west – Ushers in Vaastu’s delight.

v    Face east while praying – Embrace health and wealth as blessing.

v    Prayers offered facing west – Boomerang’s an era of the worthiest.

v    Sun nourishes life on earth – Direction of his presence enriches praying berth.


v    Crow enters inside, not a bad omen – Entertaining such idea is superstition.

v    Beehive inside the house – Cause not trouble, but not amuse.

v    Coal under the ground – Is harmless and sound.

v    Breakage of stone under the threshold – Breaths no fowl air to the household.

v    Mushroom in the compound – Makes nothing unsound.

v    Number of passages is immaterial – Exalted movements are imperial.

v    Presence of multitudes does not dilute Vaastu – Presence of physicians does not eliminate disease too.


v    Srichakra does not enrich the buyer – Such a sell surely enriches the seller.

v    Believe not in Matsya and other yantras – Spend not wastly on those jantras.

v    Talismans check not Vaastu defects – But provokes cheats to drain perfects.

v    Kubera amulet – Buy not even an omelet.

v    Spousal and lineage amulets – Despair life with barren amorist.

v    Charms, spells and talismans – Are all selfish political boomerangs.

v    Mahalaxmi and like charms of riches – Barren the buyer with selfish rockets of sellers.


v    Read by facing east – Accelerate wisdom abreast.

v    Face north while transacting – Ensure success in every undertaking.

v    Caste based soil – Leads to whole turmoil.

v    Doctrine of dimension – Causes tremendous confusion.

v    Apply turmeric to threshold – Keeps off insects from household.

v    Mango leaves adoring the door – Guard from insects and creatures sure.

v    Whitewashing the house – Killing insects, cockroaches and mouse.

v    Every building, on earth, needs Vaastu – Apartments exempted is improptu.

v    Vaastu built construction – Proves to be a super benediction.

Vaastu Defects Superstitions, Sacrifices And Vaastu

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