All About Southern Site

Planetary Profile

The earth is titled 23 ½ o towards east in north in such the southern part in southern hemisphere is could being lost away the sun for a long time. In this hemisphere there’s more water than land the ice burgs or ice slates are great in number. The earth is revolving around its exist from west to east. This will make the cold and heavy airflow towards north, as the air at equator is generally hot and light. Hence to get this natural facility, the Vaastu, insists upon providing a window in the south direction of the house.

The southern air is very much useful for the crops and trees, especially the fruity.

The person at the fire side engaged in cooking food will feel comforted because of the flow of southern air from the back of his side, and pushing out the hot-air on the fire side.

What’s The Southern Site

All the direction are naturally auspicious. It is the way of construction of the house, in a proper site, that ear – marks or directs our progress in life.

All the sites, with a road in south and in between southeastern and southwestern blocks, are called southern sites. Before taking up the construction, all the physical features of the site, should be checked up. There will be as many southern sites as possible in a southern street. It is better to select a square or a rectangular site.

v     Gardiants and Elevations

The residents of the house will enjoy all comforts if the south of it is elevated. When there is more open space in south, it will result in financial difficulties and loss of all comforts. So the portico towards south should be constructed without a pillar, as it will bring down direction by touching the ground, thus the southern side of the house will become less elevated. So the porticos should be constructed without pillars and be originated from above the roof.

The house owner and the family will suffer much financially, if the south of the arena, the rooms and projection is less elevated.

v     Extension and Contraction

It is the opinion of some experts in Vaastu that it is harmful to have the north west truncated. But, it is generally observed that the house or business organization is well off in a southwest construction setting. Many are constructing shops in southern southwest, with a road in south. They are entering into it through southern southeast, as the shop is let out or sold out. Hence there’s no problem if the southwest is cut off; it is useful.

Similarly the house with southern southeast identification is also useful, but the southern southeast should not be extended. The southern southwest will increase if the rooms are built in that side and will augur evil.

v     Closure and Opening

When there is more open space in south than in north, it will certainly change the owner within 12 years of its occupation. It will bring financial losses and unnecessary litigation. The women will have no rest and peace of life.

It will augur well, if some construction is made upon the compound walls towards west and south, resulting the closure of southwest.

The house can be built on southern end of the site.

v     The Construction of the House

One must more careful in purging this site for constructing, as the slopes and ditches in this site will create problems.

The house can be constructed on the south end, when the road exists in south. It will augur well.

Contrarily, when there’s a canal or neighbor’s house, a separate compound of our own, two or three feet away from that house or canal, should be built.

The pails in the south, more elevated than the plinth level of the house, will be blissful, while the less elevated one are baneful.

Now a days some are propagating that the south is devil’s dwelling, and as such some place should be left in that side while constructing the house. It is all blasphemy. There’s no danger if the open in south is less than the north.

v     Compound

The compound is the safety valve to our house, which bestows the benefits of Vaastu to the house and makes it viable, valuable and visible. It is as essential as a kitchen to the house, with out which one can’t dream a supper. When it is not possible to build a compound, fencing or at least, logs be erected along with the border. So it is the border security force to the house.

The compound wall to the house, facing south, can be more or less high than the main door. At the time of annexation of the northern site, when purchased the compound in the north can be removed or the entry can be made into the vacant place, by placing a gate in that compound wall in exalted position.

It’s a common factor that the compound walls used to dilapidate in the corners. They should not be left over; especially in the east; the western and southern southwest’s, the southeast and northern northwest. They must be attended at once and the construction should be done without any delay.

The compounds of others and adjacent buildings should never be taken into account. Especially when there are adjacent building in east and north, a separate compound wall should be erected, at least three inches away from them; so that the adjacent houses in east and north should not fall heavy upon us.

The compound should be constructed, as per the tenants of Vaastu, or else the vile powers will reign the house.

v     Doors

The main door, provided in the other half of the other half of the southern lateral side towards east, will bear auspicious results.

The doors towards south should be wider and higher than the doors in north. They can be equal but should be smaller.

When the doors in south are facing south, the owner of the house will become rich. It they face towards southeast, it will result in robbery, fire accidents and court litigation. If they face southwest, it will lead to prolonged illness, enmity and untimely death.

The internal movements through the doors in eastern southeast and southern southwest will ruin the residents making them drunker and vagabonds.

When it is desired to provide two doors to a house, they can be erected in south and north, but not in south and west. Three doors to a house can be provided in other directions with no door in south.

When there is one door in southern southeast of a house facing south, another door can be provided if necessary, in exalted position in south. When there are two doors towards north.

v     Windows

A window can be put towards south of the door in exalted position of the east of the house; towards northwest of the door in exalted southern southeast; towards south of the door in north in exalted northwest. When the door in southern southeast there must be a door to the room in the north end; not a window. For the doors in line, when there is a door in northern northeast, the door is a must to the room at the south end. If it is not possible the window can be provided. There must be a window southern southeast when there is one in southern southwest.

There is no hard and fast rule for the number of windows of a house.

v     Gates

The gate to the south-facing house is to be erected in the south side compound, quite opposite to the main door. Another gate in the compound in south is also to be erected, in the middle point of the vacant place in the east. In absence of this second gate, the first will become exiguous and augur evil. Hence the second gate is a must.

In the compound wall the gate should be erected, so that the door may fall into it, not the gate into the door; i.e., the gate should never be small or narrow then the door. In the same manner, every caution should be taken that the pillar of the gate should not fall in the centre of the door.

In-let : A small gate is generally provided in the big gate, for human movement constantly, while the main gate is used for vehicles etc. this inlet is always kept open while the big one is closed, generally.

The in-let to the big gate in southern southeast of this house, should be provided towards east, which will become auspicious, as it will be in exalted position.

Contrary to it, if it is provided towards west, it will augur evil with its disastrous movements. Hence, it must be avoided, at all costs.

v     Stairs

The staircase in this site should be constructed in southern southwest. The steps should proceed from east to west, and proceed towards east after the landing, facilitating the entry into the terrace in exalted position, through the southern southeast balcony. Since there is a balcony in south, a balcony in north is a must, while in east it is desirable.

The staircase inside the house can be provided in any room except the north eastern, eastern, southwestern and northern rooms. The steps should be designed in such a way, so that they do not touch the eastern wall and a minimum inter space of three inches must be allowed in between the wall and the staircase, proceeding from north to south. The steps can proceed from east to west, along with or away from the southern wall; or from north to south, along with or away from the Western Wall. When it is desired in north, the staircase may be built with the principle of intersperse, proceeding the steps from east to west.

The linear staircase to the house constructed outside, should proceed initially from east to west or from north to south and taking a turn should proceed towards any side, as necessary.

When the linear staircase is to be built in west, the same can be provided along with or away from the Western Wall, with the steps moving up from north to south and then towards east, after the turn, making an entry in the exalted position of the terrace.

The spiral staircase should be built towards south in southwest to enable the entry into the house, through the southern balcony.

The rooms under the landing of the staircase, erected towards the south of this house, should never be built.

v     Well or Borewell

When the well is in the south of the house, the owner will suffer a lot financially and meet with an untimely death. Hence it is most essential that the well or bore-well should be provided in east; north; eastern or northern northeast. It can be sunk in northeast, northern northeast, away from the gate in the compound, towards east or north, as per the availability of the open land. The point can be fixed by drawing a line from the northeastern corner of the compound.

Every care should be taken that the well should be sunk in the north east of the whole site; away from the well of the house.

The construction of the well, below the ground level, can be round or square; but, above the ground it should be constructed in a circular manner to avoid the thrust due to the corners of the square.

The platform, around the well, should be less elevated than the floor level of the house and the area in southwest of the house.

v     Bath Room

The toilet can be provided in the area out side the house towards northern northwest, in line with it, away from the compound. The space between the bath and the compound should be more than the space between the house and the bathroom.

The baths, inside the house, can better be provided in any room except the east, north and northeastern rooms.

v     Toilet

The toilet cam be provided in southwest, without the pit, as it brings dire consequences upon. Hence it is advisable to built the toilet in the elevated land and the pit should be in middle east.

There is no restriction about its face, but the W.C. be set in such a way that the user should face north or south, not the other way east or west.

v     Slanting Projections

When is a slanting projection without grills in the south of the house facing south, there must be a projection in the north. If it is not possible, the projection in the south should be provided with a grill and a gate into.

The slanting projection abutting the house in the south will augur evil. If it is eminent, the slope of the northern projection should be increased more. In the same manner the balcony in north should be wider than that of in the south; so that the space, on the terrace, in north will be more than that of the south and yield good results. Rooms under the southern verandah can be built in southwest with a door in exalted position towards east. The rooms under this projection should not be built in south east; which will bear disasters upon the women folk, with its vile southern southeast movement.

v    Street Trust – Street Thrust

The street trust in southern southeast to this house will bless favors upon the inhabitants. The stairway leading to ‘Vykunta Complex’ at Trinamul has most beneficent street trust in southern southeast to the temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara the God of Kaliyuga, the second richest in the world, attracting devotees in millions and gifts in billions from various parts of India and aboard. This street trust and other favors of Vaasthu, have earned name and fame to this Lord and the Abode.

The street thrust in southern southwest is disastrous to this site; which will effect the family drastically. In the same manner the street thrust in southern southwest in the corner is also harmful an it augurs evil and vile. Straight southern street thrust i.e. not in southern southeast or southern southwest but direct in the middle of the side, the south; will also bring evils upon.

v     Cellar

Cellar in south is fully condemnable; as it leads to dire-consequences, because it makes northern northeast quite elevated and make south a ditch. Hence the cellar in south is anti-progression.

When the site is spacious enough, and the cellar is eminent, it can be provided with by amalgamating the places in east, northeast and north and leaving south and west. The stairs into it can be provided in southern southeast as western northwest, or northern northeast. This will elevate the south and west; and down the eastern and northern northeast, blessing with favors.

v     Commercial Buildings

In these days none can leave a chance to live or earn, since the business has become a part of life, by the life and for the life.

So the run the business, big or small, single or multi, one or the other kind of establishment has to be designed or built to lost long and should be the prop for subsistence; giving proper returns to the work done.

The shop, built in this site, facing south should be leveled down towards east. The counter should be in southwest corner and the owner should be in southwest corner and the owner should sit on the raised platform or in a chair; facing towards east, and do the business transactions. The cash box or almirah be set towards left; when the owner in the same place, faces the east. One should not do the business, by sitting in southeast, northwest, and northeast corner.

The steps to the shop be arranged in southern southeast or half of it, after building a platform from southwest to the half of the side. The steps can be built in a half-circle, if possible, but never be built them leading down from southwest.

The balance be set on the pail or on the floor towards the western and southern walls. Nothing should be left in northeast corner, even for a short while. Showcases and other loads be left in west or south.

Sometimes, two shutters to a shop, i.e., 1. A small one and 2. A big one; are fitted. Generally one is kept open, while the other is closed. Out of the two shutters fitted to this shop, one in the southeast must be kept open, while the other in southwest be closed. Two of them may be kept open. Never keep the southwestern shutter open, by closing the one in southeast. This will augur evil, because of the movements through exiguous positions and the closure of the exalted position.

Ideal South Plot/ Home

Golden Proverbs About Southern Site

v    Entrance in southern southeast – Helps the female spouse most.

v    Southern entrance – Showers fortunes a bounce.

v    Door in southern southwest – More frightful for woman at rest.

v    From southern southeast to northern northwest – Causes quarrels and troubles every moment.

v    Passage from south to northern northwest – Damages female character at the most.

v    South to northern northeast passages – Privilege the female inhabitants.

v    A house facing the south – Should have a yard in north.

v    Southern southeast gate – Ushers in fortunes a gate.

v    Southern gate – Throws open the high way to the fortunate.

v    Southern southwest gate – Venomous serpents bite.

v    Northern wall higher than the south – The finances of house are at dearth.

v    Awry southern wall – Makes the female health fall.

v    Southern wall higher than the north – Ushers the chances of amazing wealth.

v    In south, do not annex a plot – Let your protection may become naught.

v    More open space in north than south – To the spouse, brings in health and wealth.

v    Construction of house right on southern boundary – Obtains good omens, beyond worry.

v    Drainage pipe towards south – Severs peace and pace from house forth with.

v    Drainage pipe in southern southwest of the house – Deteriorates the health of female spouse.

v    Main entrance towards south – Ensures health, wealth and growth.

v    Bathroom in south, sans pit – Keeps in riches and be-fit.

v    Bedroom in south – Ensures permanent good health.

v    Bed in south for the first born – No doubt, the troubles are gone.

v    Placing head towards south – Improves health and bears growth.

v    Facing towards south, while cooking – Brings financial troubles and suffering.

v    Face the south in toilet – Be healthy and gain many a profit.

v    Cellar in south – Lessens the lifeline beyond synch.

v    Well in south – An opening to female loathful death.

v    A southern slanting projection – Destroys female folk and wealth without hesitation.

v    Room in southeast under southern projection – Saps the happiness of females, an arrow function.

v    Room in southwest under southern projection – Brightens the star for perfection.

v    Convergent structure with an opening in the south – Provokes women’s ill-health.

v    Bio-gas plant with the pit in south – Brings misery and baneful death.

v    Road gradient from south to north – Ushers prosperity, and wealth without dearth.

v    Road running down towards south – Leads to Doom’s Day of wealth.

v    Basil fort in south – A super protection to female health.

v    Southern upstairs – Enhances wealth encore.

v    Erect overhead tank in south – Improve prosperity and growth.

v    Pails elevated in south – Improve prosperity and health.

v    Pails in south, less elevated – Financial growth ghastly arrested.

v    Attic bearing with southern wall – Most beneficent to one and all.

v    Grow trees in southern southeast – Enjoy! Inmates with complete protection.

v    Trees grown in southern portion – Save inmates with complete protection.

v    Trees in southern southwest – Embalm the health of female, the choicest.

v    Items heavy in south – Enhances physical and financial growth.

v    Waste garbage and heap of stones in south – Make the life a golden mouth.

v    Southern southeast street trust – Encourages the host towards financial crest.

v    Southern Southwest Street thrust – Hits at the health and wealth of female most.

v    South gradient – Growth hindrance is immanent.

v    Land elevated in south – Bearing star of health & wealth.

v    Angular extension in southern southeast – Breeds quarrels and insult.

v    Extension of southern southeast in right angle – Benedicts the glory of the male.

v    Extension of southern southwest – Deludes joys of female rest.

v    Closure of south – Prosperity of female is an ensured truth.

v    Uncovered south – Brings female suffering and death.


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