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Vaastu for Flats

Construction of flats as per Vaastu is not that simple. The number of flats in one complex, common wall for adjacent flats is a complicated concept. Nevertheless, if one follows meticulously the principles of vaastu in selection of the plot and construction of building, satisfactory results can be obtained in majority of cases.

The principles given below should be followed strictly so as to give maximum benefit to the flat owners.

The site should be a good square or a rectangle if possible with southwest corner equal to 90 degree. North, east or northeast roads would do more good with two gates, one in the east and the other in the north. Besides the northeast, southwest or northwest blocks are also good. Ground levels should be sloping towards Northeast, and the levels in southwest, should be higher than all other sides.

An open well or a bore well should essentially be dug in northeast, before the construction takes place. While designing the complex, more open space should be left in the east and north compared to west and south. Balconies towards north, east and northeast are advisable and better not to keep balconies in south and west in general. Kitchen is advisable in southeast or northwest and never in northeast. Staircases have to be in south, west or southwest and to be avoided in northeast, because head room of the staircase, higher than southwest is not acceptable.

Main entrance into the flat could be from east, north, south, northeast, west and northwest. No wells or bore wells should be dug in southeast, northwest or southwest. Open area in north-south should be used for lawns, bore wells and sumps. This can also be used for on and off parking.

Vaastu for Industries

For industries too, the selection of site is very important. Besides the fact that sufficient water and electricity should be available, the vaastu of the plot, plot such as the shape of the plot, the roads facing the plots and the ground levels inside and outside the site are very important points that are to be observed. The various principles of Vaastu, which aid in setting up an industry, are as follows.

The main roads should towards east, north or north-east are advisable with wide gates on two sides. Placement of the gates in northeast or east or north or northwest are recommended. Guardroom should be either on northwest side of north gate of southeast side of east-gate. Minimum space should be kept in south and west where big trees could be grown. More open space should be left in north and east where lawns and other greenery can be grown.

The floor levels in south-west must be higher than other sides and height of the building also must be higher than all the other corners. Care has to be taken to have the store rooms in south-west fully loaded with stocks to the extent possible As and when the stocks are consumed they should be replaced immediately. Car parking may be provided in northwest if open area is available. For light vehicles north east also could be used. Toilets should be placed in northwest or south-eastern part of the buildings, and not in north-east or south-west.

Products under process or unfinished goods may be kept in west direction. Finished products are to be kept in the north-west corner. It will help for quick movement of the stocks. Weighing machine may be located near the gate either in north or east because that area is not subjected to permanent weight.Transformers, generators, motors, boilers, furnaces, oil engines should be kept in south-east or close to south-east.

Vaastu for Shopping Arcades & Commercial Complexes

If the site selected is as per Vaastu, it is fine. Otherwise the very site must be corrected prior to the starting of construction in such a way that there is a reasonable projection of northeast corner. This will be very handy to make all the shops a bit projecting towards northeast. Such commercial complexes, which satisfy other vaastu principles also, will become popular and would make good profits. Commercial complexes of shopping arcades have to be designed with lot of open area for car parking. If the parking is in cellar, the building can be designed with little more open area in north and east than south and west to satisfy Vaastu. If there is no cellar for parking, lot of area should be kept open in north and east for car parking and for green patches. If the plot is facing west or south and more open area is left in south or west for car parking the owner will run into financial difficulties. In such cases where the plots are facing south or west, it is better shopping complex is built on to the road with minimum open space in south or west. The complex should not be built covering the plot upto the north or east boundary. Instead more open area in the rear i.e.. in north and east should be left, where car parking, lawns, fountains etc., should be designed. Sumps and bore wells have to be planned in north and east. Drinking water in shops has to be kept in northeast.

Shelves have to be avoided in northeast direction; better in south and west. Lathe machines are to be installed in south or southwest directions, if some shop is used as a workshop. Stocks are to be stored in west, south or southwest and south side portions of shops. Better to have lofts and low roofs towards south and west directions, within the shops. Northeast corner is to be kept will all the sanctity, within the shop. In this corner a water tap or a small puja place could be designed. Northeast corner should never be used even for a day, for storing any kind of materials.

Hotel Complex

After the site is selected, taking into consideration, levels, roads and angles etc., one has to plan the open spaces for lawns and car parking. While cellar could be designed for car parking, for kitchen stores and for servant stay etc., the ground floor could be used for reception, and restaurant. As the area required for kitchen has to be sufficiently big, with light and ventilation, it is better that kitchen is planned on ground floor earmarking complete south-east portion for ovens, grinders and vegetable cutting etc. On first floor they could plan conference halls, and more restaurant area if necessary and the upper floors could be used for rooms. Care has to be taken that the balconies are provided in east or north. The toilets should be avoided in northeast side of the rooms. Storerooms with huge stocks should be in south or west, or southwest. Air-conditioning Plant: A.C. equipment is to be kept in southeast of the complex and there from it is to be operated. It should never be installed in northeast under any circumstances. Electrical Generators and transformers: These are to be installed in southeast direction. It is not advisable to keep wash basins in the centre of halls even for convenience sake. Wash basins are to be arranged in north or east or northeast of halls. It is better to have main entrance in east or north or northeast directions. If it is to be kept in west direction, it should be towards northwest but not in south- west under any circumstances. Mezzanine floor in any hall has to be provided along west or south walls.

Cash Counter and Reception: These may be provided in south-west with elevated platforms but if it is provided in north-west or other places the floor level should not be higher than south-west.

Water Bodies: Swimming pools, water ponds, fountains, borewells, and sumps etc.; have to be planned in north or east and north east.

Veedhi Shoola  (Spearing road)

Roads or lanes running right into the plot from different directions cause Veedhi Shoola(spearing road). These Vaastu defects are of eight types. The effect could be in varying degrees depending upon the size and direction of the spearing road. Veedhi shoola is generally considered to be bad. There are, however a few exceptions. Veedhi shoolas in northeast are good whether it is coming from north of east Direction; whereas the northwest road coming from the north direction is good and not the one from the north direction. While searching for a plot, if one comes across such a situation, he should take the advice of a vaastu expert so as to avoid complications at a later date. Veedhi Shoola on to the plot and building from a wrong direction would give more negative results.

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