About Me

Jay Shree Krushna !!!

Very happy to publish this blog for the use of general public. Generally, people hide their knowledge and do not publish each and everything for common public. But I believe in sharing the knowledge.

Importance Of Naturopathy In My Life:

I studied and practiced Naturopathy as because i experienced the disadvantages of modern allopathy medicines. My child suffered a simple disease when she was only two months old but the Doctors couldn’t diagnosed the disease and made too much experiments on her. It was near to death experience. It was the time when i lost the hope of her living and even told the doctor to let her leave the soul. I was not able to see her in pain. Anyhow I got my child back after a month but not cured. She was on high power steroids. I was not able to leave her for a minute unattended.

My mother who knew Ayurveda and Home Remedies then taken the case on herself and it was amazing to believe that my child was cured within a month of time. I, then, studied Naturopathy System of Healing and benefited a lot from the same. Even now my child is now of 18 years, I ONLY care for them, No Allopathic Doctors are consulted.

Working On It:

Worked in Nature Cure And Yoga Centre, Kolkata, India and run my own clinic but have to leave both for few of my personal commitments. Being a Naturopath by study, not by practicing professionally, I want others also should be benefited by the same.

In my this blog, I have written articles for all the alternative systems of medicine with which a person knows his disease and cures the same by himself. In my opinion, Naturopathy is a system of healing where all the treatments are done with the natural resources. Few of Natural Resources are: Sun-rays, Soil, Water, Colour, Yoga, Magnet, Herbs, Vegetables & Fruits, Spices, Acupressure, Positive Thinking, etc. A Patient must be cured by hook or cook (not the symptoms, but the disease) within a short time span.

I reached my middle-age now and am in Equity & Commodity Markets. Run my own franchisee under Brokerage House which is among top five in India. In this business, I still have the same view that a person must be saved under a market fall.


My other topics of interest are:

1. Vaastu (Geopathy) and Fengshui.As everybody knows

Feng shui Luopan compass

that this is an ancient science of India and gaining popularity now to have a happy life in this unhappy world.

2. Astrology(Jyotish). It is also an Indian Science based on Astral Movements. To attain a satisfactory life it is also an important factor.

3. Mantra & Havan (Yagna). Sound come from our internal soul and

Atham Havan & Yagna

it relaxes our mind when used scientifically.

I generally try to understand and measure a problem by discussion. As generally, most of the problems are psychological and they do not need any solutions in above fields except the psychiatrist. Simple solutions are provided, if necessary.

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