All About Northern Site

Head Position towards the North

” Lie not with head to north – Let a-mass they bind thee on forth” is an age-old maxim. It is also said, “Hath not give alms aloft – But, sleep with head to south about”.

The science of Vaastu lays down the rule that while sleeping the head should not be placed towards north. The age-old maxims approve it.

Medical science also confirms it that while sleeping if the head is placed towards north, the blood circulation to the various organs of the body, will get affected and causes migraine as the sleep is disturbed.

Medical science described that while sleeping, with head towards north, the organs of the body, which are away from the brain, will not get sufficient blood, resulting headache, insomnia and irritation, due to lack of blood supply to the brain. It was reported that the group of doctors and scientists had studied the effects of placing the head towards north, while sleeping, blood circulation, in human beings as well as in animals, and established that the effect could not be noticed if the head is placed towards south. They also studied minute variations in the flow of electric currents in human, as well as, animal brains, due to the geomagnetic effect on various organs of the body. The scientists are also trying to find out whether change of direction in placing the head acts as cure for Rheumatism.

What’s the Northern Site?

The main basis for constructing house in a village or in a city, is the street. A house constructed as per the road as per the tenets of Vaasth, will augur well.

The site with a road in north is called the northern site. There will be as many sites as possible in between the northeastern and northwestern block.

The northern site has a bearing upon women folk and wealth or finances, especially.

A house, constructed in this site, following the norms of Vaasthu, it will flourish with peace and prosperity.

v     Gardients and Elevations

The women of the house, which is gradient towards north, will enjoy all comforts and prosperity. There will be a lot of financial progress and fame, if the pails outside the house are less elevated than floor level of the house. When the north side of the house is elevated the finances will doom

Ideal North Plot/ Home

Golden Proverbs About Northern Site

v    Laying foundation in northeast – Acquiring natural powers to the best.

v    Construct first the compound wall – Have protection forever and all.

v    Set the southwest to set square – Obtain riches from everywhere.

v    Excavate foundation from the northeast – Construction the house at the earliest.

v    Construction of foundation from southwest – Proves to be bountiful and the best.

v    Door in northGolden Gate to progressive path.

v    Door in northern northeast – For female health and financial prosperity, is a boost.

v    Northern northwest entrance – Enhances instability and menace.

v    Movement from north to south – Ushers unending riches and growth.

v    Passage from north to southern southeast – Infuriate rivalries and unrest.

v    Passage from north to southern southwest in a house – Penetrate ill omens to the female spouse.

v    Gate in a north – Enjoy always the mirth.

v    Gate in northern northeast – Brings happiness to the dearest.

v    Gate in the northern northwest – Day in and day out maketh worst.

v    Awry northern wall – Drenches finances and female-health as well.

v    Stairs from north to south – Pave way to financial growth.

v    Annexing a plot in north most preferredProspers in all tasks, ventured.

v    More open yard in south than north – Is a root cause for any dearth.

v    Construction right on the northern boundary – Drains avenues of female happiness and prosperity.

v    House projecting into northern street – Makes the owner rich beyond beat.

v    Under ground water tank in north and northeast – Is a scheduled bank for the income , chaste.

v    Drainage pipe in north – Brings home the begnin growth.

v    Drain pipe in northern northwest of a habitation – A perennial source of long litigation.

v    Drainage pipe in northern northeast – Ensures proper placement of wealth at crest.

v    Bathroom in northPaves way for comfort bequeath.

v    Bedroom in north for the young – Paves way to success enthrone.

v    Placing head towards north – Preferring fatal diseases and health.

v    Hearth in northern northwest – Proves most fatal to the dearest.

v    Face not north while cooking – avoid catastrophes and suffering.

v    Septic tank in north – Encourages financial growth.

v    Face north in the toilet – Usher prosperity and health a lot.

v    Cellar in the north portion – Proves for women, a lucky adoration.

v    Well in north – An arm of benediction and warmth.

v    Slanted projection in the north – Improves health of the female & wealth.

v    Under northern projection, a room in northeast – A boon for female fold and the capital interest.

v    Iron chest in north – Causes constant money dearth.

v    Add yard in northern northeast – Makes the host the richest.

v    Bio-gas plant with the pit in north – Befits the inmates with health and wealth.

v    Upstairs in north – Averts growth of wealth.

v    Overhead tank in the north – No doubt, drives out all the wealth.

v    High level pails in north – Drudge up women happiness & health.

v    Low level pails towards north – Bless the host with the best of health.

v    Elevated pails in northern northeast – Engrave the happiness of the females, the worst.

v    Attic on the northern wall – Most fatal to inhabitants, a fall.

v    Storeroom in north – Aggravator of Vaasthu, on earth.

v    Flower plants in northern northwest – Fortune stumped upon with growing zest.

v    Growing trees in north – Day by day drains the wealth.

v    The eastern northeast trees – Makes the health of the male decrease.

v    Heavy items in north – Cause mental tension and dearth.

v    Stones and waste material in north – Brings in strain and dearth.

v    Street thrust in northern northwest – Piercing lance to the pleasures of females most.

v    Street trust in northern northeast – Enhances avenues for females happiness, the best.

v    Gradient towards north – Brighten chances for financial growth.

v    Elevated land in north – A root cause of dismal dearth.

v    Northern northwest contraction – Lineage of the host moves unto contraction.

v    Closure of northern northwest – Rules out chances of rest.

v    North is closed – Finances are drained.

v    Uncovered north – Propose perennial growth.

v    Face north while transacting – Ensure success in every undertaking.

v    Charms, spells and talismans – Are all selfish political boomerangs.

v    Srichakra does not enrich the buyer – Such a sale surely enriches the seller.

v    Believe not in Matsya and other Yantras – Spend not wastely on the Jantras.

v    Talismans check not Vaastu defects – But provokes cheats to drain perfects.

v    Crow enters a house, not a bed omen – Entertaining such idea is superstition.

v    Beehive inside the house – Cause not trouble, but not amuse.

v    Coal under the ground – Is harmless but sound.

v    Breakage of stone under the threshold – Breaths no fowl air to the household.

v    Mushroom in the compound – Makes nothing unsound.

v    Number of passages is immaterial – Exalted movements are imperial.

v    Presence of multitudes does not dilute Vaastu – Presence of physicians does not eliminate diseases too.

v    Debris under the earth, causes not death – Adhere to Vaastu usher in the best.

v    Caste based soil – Leads to whole turmoil.

v    Doctrine of dimension – Causes tremendous confusion.

v    Apply turmeric to threshold – Keep off insects from household.

v    Mango leaves adoring the door – Guard from insects and creatures sure.

v    Spraying of cow dung in the front yard – Suppressing and demolishing insects in the yard.

v    White washing the house – Killing insects cockroaches and mouse.

v    Physical deformities need plastic therapy – Architectural infirmity needs Vaastu therapy.

v    Hawkers of Talismans and Yantras – Face Realists, challenge and prove their incas.

v    Vaastu built construction – Proves to be a super benediction.

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