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In astrology luck sign is the sign that governs destiny in matters of the heart. It is important to note that Luck sign is not always the same as your Zodiac sign. If you don’t know your luck sign, just find out now.

Aries Luck Sign

You luck will go the way you pave your own way. Your luck revolves around your own personal development. Through self-reliance, you will usually gain and attract wealth. Either a physical or spiritual quest can help you gain a sense of inner strength. Greater luck will come your way, but for that you must learn self-control. Wealth and power can only be positive when you learn to use them wisely — no matter how much you attract, you will never get ahead through self-indulgence and an out-of-control temper.

Taurus Luck Sign

Your luck revolves around the areas of material comfort and security. To attract luck, make sure that you have firm footings on the ground and your deal with finances and issues related to security. Careers such as investment consultant or gourmet chef are ideal for you — as you like to make sure others are enjoying the good life as much as you. Learn to curb your tendency to overindulge if you want luck to be more present in your life.

Gemini Luck Sign

For most of the Gemini’s intellect and luck go side by side. You can find luck through your intellect. You are a fast learner, and with a sharp understanding and way of talking, you are able to absorb knowledge and present it clearly. Position yourself where you can teach others, communicate all of your ideas and be exposed to new ones. Easily bored and with a short attention span, you need a stimulating environment to keep you out of trouble. To make more luck come your way, learn to value the emotional and physical needs of yourself and others.

Cancer Luck Sign

Your luck lies in making others feel at home. You love to spread an environment of homeliness. You can find your luck through nurturing others and making them feel comfortable. Home and family are ideal venues for this skill, but they are not the only ones. With your good business sense and love of home and food, real estate or catering are two other environments where you might find luck. Overcoming moodiness and not clinging to outmoded values will also position you to be fortuitous. Always care for others, their praise and blessings are your luck.

Leo Luck Sign

The Leo luck sign talks about a certain charm and aura about the person. You can find luck through your own charisma and aura. Through your strong, enthusiastic personality, you can attract much success and attention — sales or the theater are just two arenas where you could do well. In fact, creative fields attract you the most. Easy-going, you can let rejection slide off you. You must, however, learn to temper your tendency toward exaggeration and pomposity if you want people to take you seriously

Virgo Luck Sign

Hold on to your natural simplicity and luck finds her way to you. You can find luck through work and your natural charm. You belong somewhere that values your detail-oriented nature and supports your appreciation for the ‘basics’ of life — honesty, hard work and practicality. You are gentle and your patience and tolerance towards others render you be loved by all. Through your solid values, you can create exciting progress. Taking on more than you can handle can sabotage your luck, however. Your need to stay within perfectionist boundaries can also be limiting.

Libra Luck Sign

You are a great talker and you are very conscious to behave well with others. Your diplomatic, people-loving nature will bring you much luck. In situations where you can interact and cooperate with others, you can have much influence and luck favouring you. People will listen to you. You will gain many allies through your ability to value everyone’s point of view. To generate more luck in your life, develop a stronger sense of self — then you will place less value on what others think of you. Fine-tune your talkative nature as well, unless you want others to think you indiscreet.

Scorpio Luck Sign

Emotion is another name of luck for you. Luck may come to you through your intensity of emotion. You never accept shallowness from yourself or others. Through this demanding nature, you are able gain understanding about true inner motivations. Your probing tendency seems ideally suited to an environment where you snoop around and excel. If you want to have more luck, learn to accept criticism about your beliefs and be a little less skeptical.

Sagittarius Luck Sign

Luck favours you almost always. Your luck involves your ability to see the complete picture and accept different points of view. Environments where you will attract luck must support your need for personal growth and risk, as well as allow for travel and learning. You would find much fortune by connecting with people of different cultures. However your dogmatic views definitely play a role in taking your love away from you.

Capricorn Luck Sign

Luck favours your career and you are rather used to success. You have the makings of an ideal executive — hard-working with the visionary ability to plan for long-term triumph. But luck had to be bought by hard wrok always. Your high-standards, need for proof and hard facts can sometimes be limiting, however. In order to gain more luck, you need to balance yourself and avoid letting material gain and fear of failure overwhelms your more creative side.

Aquarius Luck Sign

Expand your horizon and see through things. Your attitude towards reading between the lines gives you an invaluable insight for attaining luck. You find luck through your visionary skills and the ability to see beyond outmoded traditions. Prepare yourself for luck by positioning yourself in situations that value your innovative thinking and rebellious nature. With your revolutionary ideas, you have the potential to be a catalyst in organizations. However to attract more luck in life overcome the stubbornness sometimes inherent to you, and through willingness to compromise, you will be able to find even more success and luck than you thought possible.

Pisces Luck Sign

You are gentle, loving and emotional. And your luck acts strongly at these places. You can find your luck through your compassionate and spiritual nature. You have a definite knack for connecting with others, and you also may have strong psychic ability, you can just float around easily. Situations where you will be valued include social work, volunteering, counseling and the ministry. In order to attract more good fortune, learn to focus your sensitivity in healthy directions to avoid the need to escape.

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