The Moon in Virgo

With the Moon in Virgo individuals of this sign are very conscious of keeping fit, both physically and mentally. They respect physical fitness and could even become obsessed with it, overindulging in exercise routines and far out diets.

Mentally, Virgo Moons love to criticize and analyze everything. They will not only freely express their own opinions, but will also criticize others’ opinions as well. Unless this leads to bigotry and single-mindedness, people with this Moon placement can be very intellectually stimulating. They also enjoy taking part in local or even national, politics or social issues.

Those with the moon in Virgo, make well, stable business partners and are willing to work hard toward your goals. Their ability to analyze and plan can make them a successful professional.

One drawback of this placement is the tendency to suffer in silence through unsatisfying relationships. This only prolongs the misery and creates bitterness in the relationship. The love nature of both sexes under this lunation barely exists as such. They are grave, sexless people, with a cool impersonal chastity that seems to be a part of their very nature. They have no sexual curiosity, and appear to be without any real understanding as to the whole meaning of sex. At heart they are cold, selfish people, unwilling to exert themselves outside of the casual ways of life. In the everyday gestures of living they are exceedingly active, and will put more energy into house cleaning, attention to business, and personal doctoring than any other type of person.

Virgo people, even with an inherent coldness in them, are fairly popular. The women particularly have many friends and their activities in club, or neighbourhood work are constantly using every minute of their available time. If they are married, and it is often the case inspite of their temperamental dislike for intimate relationships, they make careful painstaking wives, very dutiful but completely uninspiring. It is not unusual to find great many spinsters with this lunation in the natal chart. These women take to business life, or rather some professions are especially favourable to them.

The men having the moon in Virgo in the natal chart are just as fussy, old maidish and prissy as the women. In early youth they are apt to be popular with the opposite sex, largely because they are meticulous dresers, painstaking in social conduct, and very talkative when in public. They are silent enough, and serious too, when they come to have homes of their own.

Virgo people have so little personal magnetism that they are dependent for the greater part, when seeking success, upon hard work. For this nature has given them the proper equipment.

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