Description of Classes

Reiki Healing:

Anger Management WorkshopAnger is something outside of ourselves that we either express in inappropriate ways, or suppress to our own detriment. This seminar presents anger in a way that allows participants to express anger in a healthy, productive way.

This presentation will help you discover your attitudes about anger, explore your history of anger and learn how to use your anger for your benefit.

Connecting With Touch

This seminar presents brief discussions of many attitudes and types of touch. Students will have an opportunity to experience some of the techniques.

Manifesting Our Natural Healing Abilities

This class presents brief discussions of many healing techniques, including absent or remote healing, Acupressure, Autogenetic Training, Ayurveda, Clairvoyant Diagnosis, Energy Healing, Faith Healing, Hypnosis, Laying-on of Hands, Magnetic Healing, Massage, Polarity, Psychic or Spiritual Healing, Psychic Surgery, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch.

Discussion will focus on the history, principles and techniques involved in the different modalities of Psychic healing. Students will have an opportunity to experience some of the techniques.

Quest for Personal Power

Now, through “A Quest For Personal Power” you can explore your own concept of the powerful energy within through Self-Empowerment Enhancement Dynamics (S.E.E.D.).

“As we consider the transformation of feelings, and our spiritual growth from interest, to attraction, to liking, to desire, to passion, we see that the focus shifts from the physical to the emotional, and eventually embraces the spiritual. We tend to seek a love like that of another person; full of trust, respect, acceptance and passion… with a great spiritual bonding. But we forget that we must first learn to love ourselves.” – Serena Lumiere

This class offers an environment where you can discover your connections; to yourself, to your past, and to others. Each participant will begin a journal to document his or her growth and insights.

Risking Power With a Life Sentence

As human beings, all of us know about dying. Mortality is a part of our existence. All of us have, at some point, dealt with watching someone; a friend, a relative, a public figure, deals with death. And it’s no surprise to any of us that we can’t live forever. But being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is devastating. It can be a time to look – not at how to deal with dying, but with how to deal with living. Not the day-to-day existence we call life, but the fulfillment of that life. Cancer, or any life-threatening illness isn’t necessarily a death sentence… it can be a LIFE sentence… and a challenge to live! The question becomes, “What am I doing with TODAY?”

Sensuality and Responsibility in Relationships

This class is an opportunity to examine your relationship with yourself. How do you relate to your gender, your sexuality and your sensuality? What is the basis of your feelings about these things? Through your understanding of how you relate to yourself and your own body, you can understand how you relate to others; friends as well as lovers. You have an opportunity to look at how you perceive your own sensuality and your sexuality, based on your own history. This course facilitates you in re-examining these feelings and developing a healthier attitude toward your relationship with yourself and others.

The Telling Of Your Reality

This class offers participants the opportunity to look at what they really want to achieve and to see the potential they have to become masters of communication and accomplishment.

“The easiest way to handle change in your life is to create it. Learn to recognize how YOU have created your life the way it is. With stories, demonstrations and exercises, you can experience the patterns, habits, and perceptions that have brought you to where you are today. Learn how to open up your unlimited possibilities so that you can choose where you will be tomorrow.” – Serena Lumiere

Words are mental pictures, which manifest in our reality. You will learn how to re-frame your speech, which will re-frame your thoughts and change your life. Give yourself the opportunity to recognize and experience the special magic and power within you. Your experience of life is your perception of your experience of life. Change your perceptions and create your life the way you WANT it.

Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

Participants will experience the actual practice of unconditional love and forgiveness of themselves and others. We will work with and apply the laws of right human relations. The application of these laws and principles has been one of the most effective approaches for changing individual behavior and circumstances. The process used in this workshop has proven successful in all types of human relations where change was imperative, such as illness and disease, giving up destructive habits, and working out estranged relationships in families, businesses, and with yourself.

Communication Skills & Styles

Learn to evaluate the way you relate to the world around you and communicate with others through a discussion of diagnostic tests & tools commonly used today.

Managing Fear for Prosperity

This class involves learning to use the energy of the experience of fear as a force to move forward in life. It examines the physiological aspects of fear, and includes exercises to use those aspects in a positive way. The class presents a foundation in fear management.


Hypnosis / Self-hypnosis

A general overview of the phenomenon of hypnosis and the specific techniques of self-hypnosis is to learn to change behavior. This includes discussion of the concepts of Time-Line, past lives and pain management. The focus of the class however is self-hypnosis and techniques to learn visualization, relaxation and behavior change.


Pain Management

Techniques and exercises to use at any time to manage pain. This class presents an assortment of ideas and theories on pain management.


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