Type Of Gems


RED CORAL (Moonga for Mars)

Red Coral is said to instill courage in its user. It also helps in curing blood -related diseases.
This is red in color. Coral ensures material happiness, recovery from diseases indicated by Mars such as fever, cough, bilious complaints, smallpox, chickenpox, headache, loss of vitality, piles, boils, measles etc. It is generally recommended to worn by individuals belonging to the zodiac of the Aries sign.

It should be worn in silver or copper, and should be of 9, 11, 12 grams, on Tuesday on 1st or 4th finger of right hand. It is a hot stone.

RUBY (Manik for Sun)

Ruby is said to have effects on the name, fame, vigor, virtue, warmth and the capacity to command to its user. It can also raise the individual far above the status in which he was born. Historically, it has been symbolic of love and passion.
This is normally red in colour and is a hot stone. On diseases front – It helps to cure peptic ulcer, fever, rheumatism, gout etc. Prolonged use of Ruby may have adverse effect on a person. So before wearing a ruby, the time period has to be determined by an astrologer for the best result.
Ruby should be used in gold in third or ring finger of right hand on Sunday. Ideally should be of about 3 or 5 grams in weight.

PEARL ( Moti for Moon)
Pearl strengthens mental faculties, calms emotions and helps in attaining stability & equilibrium of mind. Pearl is believed to ensure a happy conjugal life and protection from widowhood. It is said to protect from harm from others, inspires love and faithfulness and overall ensures a happy married life. It also increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal life happy. Removes melancholy and increases fortune. It also provides vitality and wisdom. Pearl or Moti is used to remove the evil effects of Moon and it strengthens the mind force, increases good sleep and cures insomnia. This is normally shiny white in colour. It is a cold stone.
Pearl is very useful for ladies as it increases their facial lustre, thereby enhancing their beauty and will keep them ever young. It controls the rash temperament, as it is a cold gem.

It should be worn on 4th finger of right hand on Monday with silver. Weight should be 2, 4, 6, 9 grams.

EMERALD (Panna for Mercury)
Emerald is said to have a positive effect on memory, communication, intuition, and the intellect ability of a person. This is normally petal green or dark green in colour. Emerald is a hot gem and helps fickle mindedness and builds up confidence in a person. Emerald is never recommended for newly wed couples. It is said that newly married couples should not use it as it impairs conjugal happiness due to reduction in sexual desires.

Emerald should be used in gold of 3, 5, 7 or 10 grams on 4th finger of right hand on Wednesday.
An Emerald wearer is likely to get sufficient wealth.

YELLOW SAPPHHIRE OR TOPAZ (Pokhraaj for Jupiter)

Topaz is one of the most widely used gems to help achieve better financial status. The wearer may get plenty of wealth, good health, name honour and fame if the Gems suits him or her. It improves vision, gives life security, and removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy. It is said to have powers of helping un-wed girls to find suitable match for a girl early. This is normally faint yellow in colour and is said to be a cold gem.

In diseases, Topaz cures diarrhea, gastritis, ulcer, rheumatism, jaundice, insomnia, heart troubles, impotency, gout, arthritis, pain in knee joints, etc. Topaz should be worn in gold, on 1st finger of right hand on Thursday. The weight should be of 7 or 13 grams.

DIAMOND (Heera for Venus)
Diamond leads one to have a luxurious life. Diamond is also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of the person. Diamond is a hot gem creating goodness and removing the effects of evil.
It improves financial conditions and blesses the native with comforts and peace of mind. It also enhances sexual power. Diamond should he worn on 1st finger of right hand on Friday in gold or platinum. The weight should ideally be 1/4 or 1/2 gram.

BLUE SAPPHIRE (Neelam for Saturn)
The Blue Sapphire removes evil effects of Saturn and possesses magical power to elevate its user to a higher status from all sides. It brings wealth, name and fame. Some astrologers believe that Blue Sapphire or Neelam is so powerful if used properly that it can alleviate even long-term misfortune. However there is a caution. Sometimes this stone may react adversely. It is advisable to first test it for a week before final wearing. It is capable of giving everything one could desire. This is normally faint or dark blue in colour and is a very cold gem. They may be yellow also.
Best suited for joy, love and happiness. It should be used on 2nd finger of right hand in gold or panch dhatu on Saturday and the weight is 5 or 7 grams.

HESSONITE (Gomedh for Rahu)
Gomedh can help in achieving speedy success in less time than expected. It is often believed that the shadow planet Rahu is supposed to be responsible for all sorts of delays in the path of ambitions. Gomedh also improves dealing with people and protects its wearer from sudden misfortunes. This is normally reddish-chocholate in colour. Gomedh is cold in nature.
It should be used in silver on Saturday on 2nd finger of right hand. The weight should be 6, 11, 13 grams.

CAT’S EYE (Lehsuniya for Ketu).
Cat’s Eye is said to protects an individual from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers as accidents and diseases. This is milky in colour and is known to be a hot gem. Incase it does not suit the wearer the gem creates uneasiness, restlessness etc. Cat’s Eye is supposed to counter evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. For businessmen, it is a miraculous result-giver stone. Cat’s Eye gives wealth by secret means to its user namely in the form of stock and exchange market and speculations. It should be worn in gold on 2nd finger or 3rd finger of right hand. The weight should be 3, 5 or 7 grams.



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