The Mount Of Jupiter:

Qualities = ambition, power domination.


Positive – (21st Nov. – 20th Dec. – 28th Dec.)

When large, it shows a desire to dominate, to rule others, to lead & organize and to carry out some distinct object. But the line of Head should be clear & long for this. If line poor & badly formed then it gives pride, excess of vanity, a self-confident & self-opinionated.


Persons are ambitious, fearless & determined in all they undertake.


They concentrate in what they are doing. They are honourable & high principled.


They have great enterprise in business & all matters requiring organization.


The great fault – inclined to go to extremes in all things and in doing so exhaust their efforts.


Negative – (19th Feb – 20th Mar – 28th)

Ambition takes rather the mental form than material. Posses a kind of natural understanding of things & easily acquire all sorts of knowledge about a large variety of things especially history, geography, botany and geology researches.


Very sensitive & lacking of self-confidence. With strong clear Headline will determine whether mental willpower is sufficient to make overcome its sensitiveness & use the qualities they have to carry out their aims & ambitions.

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