The Mount Of Mercury:

Qualities = mentality, commerce, science.


On a good hand, it is favourable but in the hand showing evil tendencies, it is bad.


It gives quickness of brain, wit, thought, eloquence, adaptability in science & commerce. But if evilly affected, it gives mental excitability, nervousness, lack of concentration, trickiness in business.


With long & well marked Headline, it increases mental aptitude & success but with a weak, badly marked or irregular Headline, it is bad.


Positive – (May 21st – Jun 20th – Jun 27th)

People are singularly dual in character & temperament. One side perpetually pulling against the other & although nearly always possessed with unusual intelligence, they often spoil their lives by lack of continuity. They seldom to have a fixed idea of what they really want. They change their plans or occupation. They are most difficult to understand. In temperament, they are hot & cold in the same moment. They may love passionately and quickly dislike, they can out-distance all rivals. If taken as they are & with their moods, they are the most delightful people imaginable, but one must never expect them to be same today as yesterday.


Negative – (Aug 21st – Sept 20th – Sept 27th)

People have all good points of positive & even some added that they stick longer & with more continuity to study or career, & are more materialistic & practical.


Women of this period are curious puzzles. They are either extremely virtuous, truthful & conventional or the reverse; but whether good or bad, they are all a law unto themselves & they usually think of themselves first. Line of Head determines what they will eventually become. If clear & straight their best qualities will come to the rescue & if weak or poorly marked, evil side of nature will predominate.

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