The Palm

A thin, dry, hard palm – timidity & a nervous, worrying, troubled nature.

A very thick, full & soft palm – sensuality.

A firm & elastic palm proportion to fingers – evenness of mind, energy & quickness of intellect.

Not very thick but soft & flabby – indolence, love of luxury & sensuality.

A hollow palm:- (very unfortunate)

  • Inclined to line of life – disappointment trouble in domestic affairs & if the rest of hand denotes ill-health, it adds delicacy & trouble.
  • Under the line of fate – misfortune in business, money & worldly affairs.
  • Under the line of heart – disappointment in the closest affection.

Large & Small Hands:

Large hands do very fine work & love great detail of work; while small hands go in for large things & cannot bear detail in employment.

Smooth Hands:


Very smooth hands with fine lines – calm in temperament & even in disposition, seldom worry, rarely lose temper but when do they know the reason.


With firm hand – greater sign of control & calmness than soft. When soft – do not take interest to lose temper – depends on much ascertain.

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