The Mount Of Venus:

Qualities = love, sensuality & passion.


Positive – (Apr 20 – May 20 – 27)

When well formed & not too large, it denotes a desire for love & companionship, the desire to please, worship of beauty in every form, the artistic & emotional temperament.


It is called positive, when high or large & negative when small of flat.


When rest of the hand is normal, the mount well-shaped – magnetism & attraction of one sex to other; but if found with vicious or abnormal signs – increases those tendencies.


Persons have a curious dominating power & are too dogmatic in their opinions, but the strange thing is that when they love. They become the most abject slaves of all to the object of their devotion.


They are hospitable & generous & especially love to entertain their friends. They dress with great taste, are impulsive in their likes & dislikes, rather too frank & outspoken, quick in temper. Their passion or temper is quickly over. They are so independent in character that, especially if they marry early & find their mistake, they lead unconventional lives & get severely criticized in consequence.


Negative – (Sept 21 – Oct 20 – 27)

The affections may be just as intense as those of the positives, but their love is spiritual rather than sensual.


All mental characteristics rule very strongly and have mental balance. They have presentiments & psychic experiences which they often spoil by their reasoning faculties.


In love they are nearly always unhappy. They cannot ‘let themselves go’ like positives. They hesitate & miss their opportunities whilst they think or reason.


They make excellent doctors, judges, lawyers; but are more concerned with being master of some particular branch than with seeking worldly advantage.

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