The Star

On the Mount Of Jupiter:

On highest point – great honour, power, position, ambition, gratified & ultimate success & triumph of individual. With strong fate, head & sun line – there is no step in ladder of human greatness that the subject will not reach. Usually found on very ambitious hands & in pursuit of power & position, there is no mark equal to it.


On sides or low at the base or cutting the base of first finger – most ambitious person but will brought in contact with extremely distinguished people but unless the rest of the hand be fine, it doesn’t promise distinction or power.


On the Mount Of Saturn:

On the centre – terrible fatality, distinction to be dreaded, unrivalled brilliancy, some position resplendent with the majesty of death – a king for the moment but crowned with doom.


On almost off the mount – one will be brought into contact with one of those who make history but in this case with one who gains distinction through some terrible fate.


On The Mount Of Sun:

On centre – brilliancy of wealth & position but without happiness. Such wealth come too late, the price has probably been too dearly paid in way of health or in peace of mind.


On sides – one will be brought in contact with rich & wealthy people, without himself being rich in the world’s goods.


When connected or formed by the line of sun – great fame & celebrity but through talent & work in art.


On The Mount Of Mercury:

In the Centre – brilliancy & success in science, business or the power of eloquence, according to the type of hand.


By the sides – association with people distinguished in those walks of life.


On The Mount Of Mars:

Under Mercury – through patience, resignation, & fortitude the greatest honour will be gained.


On the opposite side of hand, under Jupiter – great distinction & celebrity will arise from a martial life, or a signal battle or warfare in which one will be engaged.


On The Mount Of Luna:

A sign of great celebrity arising from the qualities & imaginative faculties. When the Headline ends in a star on this mount, the dreamy imaginative faculties will ruin the balance of the line of head & the result will be mental instability.


On the Mount Of Venus:

In the centre or highest point – extraordinary success in all affairs of love. No jealousies or opposition will rob them of the spoils of conquest.


When lying sides – the amours of such a subject will be with people distinguished for their success in the arena of love.


On Fingers:

On the tips of outer phalange – great good fortune in anything touched or attempted. On the first phalange of thumb – success through the subject’s strength of will.


The star is one of the most important of the lesser signs to seek for.

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