All About Geopathy

Geo means ‘earth’ and ‘pathy’ means ‘disease’. The science of Geopathy is therefore the study of the diseases of the earth. One interesting aspect of Geopathy is that importance is also given to the structures and radiations underneath the surface of earth as well, which are invisible.

Geopathy says that electromagnetic radiations, which are cosmic in origin, surround the globe. The geopathic scientists were of the view that radiation distortions were a natural phenomenon, which could make a site unsafe for building any thing over it. These distortions would result in a distorted energy field in a structure if the structure were near or over the distorted point. Geopathists put forth the theory that this could result in unhappy homes, sickness and lack of prosperity.

There are several factors, which can contribute to geopathic stress. One is the underground stream which suddenly change course or meet with falls even if they are at great depths from the surface. Dr. Curry ofGermanydiscovered electrically charged lines of natural origin flowing on northeast-southwest and southeast-northwest lines at approximately three meters apart forming a grid which is now known as ‘Curry Grid’.

Dr. Ernst Hartmann, another German scientist discovered charged lines crisscrossing on east-west and north-south directions and where two lines met they formed over each other, double positive or double negative junctions. Extensive studies in this field have established that sleeping over these crossed junctions can cause organic diseases including cancer.

Geopathy has made tremendous strides in the past few decades and today geopathic experts are routinely called to analyse ‘sick building syndromes’ when the effect is not due to adequate ventilation. Modern geopathy recognises several factors, which could make a building ‘sick’. I want to mention a few of them just to show that vaastu although evolved in a different part of the globe has much in common with geopathy.

v    Dampness

An area, which is consistently damp or smells of dampness without any apparent cause, is an area of ‘negative energy‘ according to geopathy. Vaastu also holds that one should not build a structure where there is dampness all the time.

v    Dressed Stones

Geopathists stress that dressed stone structures are harmful and are unfit for human habitation. Particularly dressed stone buildings, as dwellings are not recommended. Dressed stones were used commonly inIndia inTemple architecture. It is recommended in Vaastu that one should not build his dwelling near a temple. Probably the recognition that dressed stones emit negative energy could be behind this rule.

v    Anthills

Vaastu advocates rejection of plots with anthills. Geopathy also concedes with this observation. Any place where ants build a home has negative grid points and are not advisable. As per geopathy certain measures are to be taken to overcome the negative energy before considering a structure on the plot. Here again we see that the opinion of both schools is complimentary.

v    Beehives

Again Vaastu rejects plots having trees where beehives exist. Similarly according to Vaastu in an existing structure if bees try to form a hive it is considered as ill omen. Geopathy also states that bees favor negative energy field for building a hive and corrective measures to eliminate the negative fields are to be adopted if bees are spotted frequently or if they start working on a hive.

The above examples show that the ancient Indians were well aware of the negative energy fields which exist on plot and give guide lines to recognize and avoid the effects of such fields.

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