The Sqaure

“The mark of preservation.”


On Jupiter – from ambition of the subject.


On Saturn – from fatality that shadows the life.


On Sun – from the desire of fame.


On Mercury – from restless mercurial temperament.


On Mars – from danger through enemies.


On Luna – from an excess imagination or from the evil effects of some other line.


On Venus –

Inside the lifeline – from trouble brought on by the passions.

When resting in the centre – one will fall into all kinds of danger through passion but always manage to escape.

When outside the lifeline – from any excess arising through the qualities of mount


On Lifeline – protection from death


On Fateline – from very serious loss.

When outside the line but only touching under the Saturn – from accident.


On Headline – strength & preservation to the brain itself & tells some terrible strain of work or anxiety.

When above the Headline under Saturn – from danger to the head.


On Heart line – heavy trouble brought on by affections.

Under Saturn – some fatality to the object of one’s affections.

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