Reiki Box

Reiki box is the most common way to give distant Reiki. All positive attitude and wishes can be kept in the Reiki box. The procedure is as follows:


  • First create attitude for gratitude and speak the pre-determined sentences.


  • Give Reiki to the Reiki Box at least 5-10 minutes twice in a day with 3-5 wishes in the box.


  • Draw the three symbols once and speak it thrice on the Reiki Box.


  • Keep the Box between two hands and close your eyes and see the Reiki Box covered with white light in your third eye chakra.


  • Remember the wishes of the Reiki Box and see the situations regarding those and again draw the second and third symbols once and speak thrice it for five minutes and continue to give Reiki.


  • Lastly again draw the three symbols respectively and speak it thrice and finish to give Reiki. Open your eyes.


Things which can be kept in the Reiki Box


The persons photograph, to whom Reiki has to be sent or the chit of paper with a wish can be kept in the Reiki Box.


Wishes for purchase & sale of fixtures, assets; to get promotion, to pass the exams, to get transfer, to get good opportunities, to get lost things, to create an atmosphere of peace in house, to be tension free, etc. can be kept in the Reiki Box.


Positive attitudes, affirmations can also be kept in it.

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