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Each sign of the Zodiac has its own capacity for friendship. A great deal has been written on the ability of love, as bestowed by the great planetary powers, but all of the twelve signs, give us the power of making friends. This power of friendship changes from one zodiac to the other. In some the power is strong and in others it is weak. It is quite natural for people to wonder about themselves and seek out their own ability to be friends, and to draw friendship to them by their quality of thought.


The Aries person seeks friendships enthusiastically, but naturally reserved and a little austere, these people appear to be giving more of themselves than they really are. They always reserve something of themselves for themselves. They disagree passionately, and cannot seem to bear with contrary opinions. While the upheaval is brief, it is often enough to chill any warmth that may have previously existed. They are so inflamed by enthusiasm that they often pursue friendship that is but a reflection of the aura created by their own qualities. In this way they are too often domed to disappointment when the object of their friendship is seen in his or her own commonplace light. The Aries person may frequently be said to put the “interest” into friendship.


Taurus people make faithful, trustworthy friends. These warm hearted people may be described as “faithful forever”. They are rather inarticulate people, and value friendship, but do not always know how to capture the friends they crave. Determined and patient in all the impulses of life, they react the same way in matters of engaging friendships. They worship beauty, and love to center their devotions in the high places. In this way Taureans who are servants often become the trusted friends of their employers; and in other, less lowly walks of life, Taureans make lasting friendships among those high above them in station. They are not inspired friends, but they offer performance and dependability to any relationship that they enlist.


The Gemini person does not incline to deep relationships. These people are rather impersonal, and their devotion to attract intellectuality robs them off the taste for intimate human relationships. They can become very enthusiastic over a mental concept, or factors in a problem, but the spiritual urge towards high human relationships is rather weak in the Gemini make-up. They are almost always very pleasant people to know as acquaintances, and usually number scores of passing semi friendships on their lists. But they are too humorously critical for the deeply sentimental, and even laugh at themselves when they approach any of the noble passions. Actually they look down upon their emotions, for they are apt to class all emotions as sentimentality, and consequently a weakness.


The Cancer person often makes an admirable friend. The stronger, more vital Cancer type loves friendship, for they love to give and to serve. The danger of cancer friendships lies in their ability to absorb the object of their interest. Such a friendship can become demanding and too enveloping, so that there is no equality, but rather a burden on one side and a dead weight on the other. But it has been said that cancer people of the active type have a fine capacity for friendship, but in the light of this criticism, one wonders how.

The vigorous cancer type is idealistic and inspiring. They draw people to them by a sensitivity that proclaims itself both willing to give and to receive. They may prove to be thin skinned and easily insulted, but these people blossom delightfully in an atmosphere of sympathy and sincere helpfulness.


Leo persons make noble friends. They draw great qualities to them, and are unstinted in their own giving. The less exalted type offers the sort of friendship theoretically current in the underworld—that die-hard variety of loyalty famous for endurance under stress.

The high Leo type gives a completely devoted friendship, that when properly requited, becomes a very fine relationship. The danger of the Leo friend is that unless the other side of the friendship is an individual of equal stature, this person will become too dependent on the spiritual and sometimes on the material offerings of over generous Leo, and thus the fine balance, always a part of a successful friendship is hopelessly destroyed. Leo people, in all relationships are apt to give too much, thus despoiling the other side of their just right to be generous.


These people are rather too self-centred for keeping fast friendships. They love too much to profit materially by everything that they do, and the intellectual intimacy necessary to friendship is instinctively repugnant to them. Their natural make-up does not invite confidences from others, nor do they offer them, being far too suspicious to trust, even when their pure emotions dictate moderate warmth.

Should the friendship of a Virgo person be gained, he or she will treat it with the meticulous honour accorded to all of their possessions.


The Libra person makes an interesting friend. These people instinctively look upon everything in life as can art, and while they do not throw themselves into friendship with the passion put into love, they treat the relationship with the reserve and dignity that their natural predilection for partnership suggests.

They become the friend who advises coolly, sees even the intimates not too frequently, and always puts his or her most gracious and amusing self forward. Friendship with a Libran usually has a touch of formality about it, no matter how willing they are to assume responsibilities or do favour for those they cherish. Like Aries people, they always hold something of themselves in reserve. But unlike Aries, they do not tire their friends with the weight of personality. The keynote of the friendship offered by the Libran is discretion.


This powerful type has no capacity for a successful friendship. They are too violent, jealous, tyrannical and over bearing in all of their relationships. These qualities are the natural enemies of friendship, and with Scorpio natives friends fare just as badly as relatives do.

The Scorpio personality is interesting. It invites extremes of love or hate, devotion or loathing. People usually feel something strong toward Scorpio natives, but the Scorpio person cannot maintain affections when the urge is towards devotion. Sooner or later a conflict arises that represents a difference of opinion, and then the Scorpio person destroys the relationship by an unreasonable exhibition, or an act of violence. Sometimes this character reveals depths of intrigue and complicated deceit that overwhelm and frighten other types by the very nature of their underhanded wickedness. Even those who love the native and would bear with them are unwilling to be drawn into Scorpio intrigues.


The Sagittarian is well equipped by nature for friendship. These people are extremely sociable and enjoy the give and take of intellectual society. The weaker individuals of this zodiac are even more socially inclined, but they are boisterous, intemperate and generally not a good influence. Even among the higher orders of Sagittarian, are found the kind of person who can make license very attractive to their intimates, and at the same time, re kindle their love for revelry.

The noble Sagittarian is an intellectual stimulant to friends who learn to know real joys of companionship with the Sagittarian. They offer a friendship that is warm, worldly, active and progressive.


Capricorns could make fast friends if they choose to do so. They might never make exciting friends, but if steadiness and solidity were the only ingredients of friendship, Capricorn people would be able to give unsparingly. On the rare occasions where they bind themselves in friendship, they are devoted forever.

Generally these people are too narrow, prejudiced, critical and cold to seek friendship. They are suspicious in nature about everything and everybody. They are more intense and violent and have a strong sense of likes and dislikes. It can almost be said that they resent charm and meet all grace with sour criticism and biting disdain. Naturally such a temperament would not invite friendship. Whether deep within their hearts they resent their own lack or ability to attract, and perforce assume a negative attitude, is another question, but whatever the answer, Capricorn people do no make very satisfactory friends.


Aquarians have the ability to make the highest type of friends offered by any of the zodiacal people. They have the gift for friendship, being neither jealous, possessive nor too intense, but having a genuine interest in people and human relationships. Aquarians are reasonable, just, generous in a sensible fashion, with an instinctive knowledge of give and take, all of which are necessary to conduct a successful friendship. These people offer uplifting intellectual comapnionship, and usually bring out the very best in those they give the fine gift of their intimacy.

Aquarians are most discriminating, and while their interests are the least snobbish, they almost always choose their intimates with the greatest care. Some of the loftiest friendships are within the scope of Aquarian natives.


Pisces people love friendship, and frequently seek friends with more enthusiasm than good sense. They desire warmth and love and deep human contact so intensely that their will often urges them on to give and confide where a little investigation, or just plain clear sightedness, would save many heartaches. The Piscean person is apt to treat friendship rather too much like love.

These people give themselves quite freely, but they do not study the friend with realism. They expect impossible perfection often not within human range, or refuse to bear with ordinary human failings. They become disillusioned and despondent as soon as the friendship fails to be an affair of the gods. Pisceans suffer deeply because of their own ability to be satisfied with the range of human beings. They are confused to reactions of others. They are often blind to their own failings, which are legion, and see themselves as suffering martyrs, even when surrounded by very material comfort. Naturally, a friendship founded on the basis of illusion and delusion is a doubtful joy.



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