Uses of Reiki in Diseases

Reiki Healing:


In Reiki Treatment, there are 24 positions. Three minutes of Reiki is required on each position. Apart from that the Reiki should be given to the local part where the pain or disease has occurred. It should be given on the different Chakras to treat the disease from the root.In major cases, Reiki is given only on these points/ Chakras; but we can’t ignore the different situations of different people. As every human being is unique, there physical & mental capacity differs from each other and therefore the negative waves & complexity of the nature of disease also differs. One can always identify those, if he/she has a regular practice of Reiki. And then more Reiki should be given on those points based on his/her experience. Generally, one should give Reiki on whole body for 3 minutes on each point; that means 72 minutes in a day. If he/she can’t do it in one sitting, he/she can do it in different sittings. It is not compulsory to practice Reiki in a single sitting on each & every point. It is likely to get complete relief in as low as in thirty minutes or in many hours spend by giving Reiki. Although Reiki is not a Magic or Miracle, it needs full concentration, will power, hard work and exact time to get the Reiki power to lessen our/others pain. It is very necessary to develop our skill by serving our society by way of Reiki. One should take it into regular practice; not only wasting time in gossips. The Reiki power increases with the regular practice and declines with the unnecessary talks & without practice.Following are the different points where one should give Reiki in different types of diseases, in general:

  • In eliminating tension, emotional pressure, depression, anger, hesitation, to get success, good sleep, to wake up, for intelligence, increasing memory, removing guilty consciousness, removing unnecessary fear, removing hopelessness, balancing nervous system, blood pressure, eliminating the suicidal mentality, to get good moral, eliminating love scarcity, removing hatredness, etc.

One hand on head and second on Heart Chakra (4,8).

  • Stubborn nature, feeling of getting diseased or weakness again & again, wavering mind, cannot adjust situations, inferiority complex, superiority complex, epilepsy, snoring, etc.

Head, Heart, Manipur, Mooladhar Charkas (4,8,9,14).

  • To get relief from fever, to save from effects of cold & hotness.

Front & back of head, one hand on Manipur Chakra & second on Swadhisthan Chakra (4,9,13).

  • Any type of allergy.

Manipur & Mooladhar chakra (9,14).

  • Any type of problems in stomach, like, vomiting, loose motions, diahorrea, acidity, gas trouble, constipation, skin disease, pimples; removing likes – dislikes on foods, get happiness, accepting the life situations.

Head & Manipur Chakra (4,9).

  • Weakness, get energized, removing superstitions, guard against Saitan, mantra, tantra, black magic, etc. (if you believe), removing bad effects of planets & stars.

One hand on neck & second on Mooladhar Chakra (7,14).

  • Developing innerself, problems of cough, urine, swelling, sexual problems, in sterility, balancing hormones, ulcer in stomach, etc.

One hand on head & second on Swadhisthan Chakra (4,13).

  • Problems in bones, sexual parts, for removing stubbornness, eliminating laziness, heaviness in body and wavering nature, problems in kidney and back, etc.

Mooladhar Chakra, Kidney, Local (14,22).

  • Eliminating bad habits, to speak good, sweet & effective.

Head, Neck, Heart, Manipur Chakra, Mooladhar Chakra (4,7,8,9,14).

  • Cold, cough, thyroid, tonsillitis, throat problems.

One hand on Neck & second on Swadhisthan Chakra (7,13).

  • Removing depression.

One hand on Head & second on Swadhisthan Chakra (4,13).

  • To loose or increase weight.

Neck/ Thyroid Gland, Manipur Chakra (7,9).

  • Headache, Migraine, etc.

Head, Heart, Manipur, Mooladhar Chakra (4,8,9,14).

  • Asthma, problems in lungs.

Head, Heart, Manipur Chakra, Lungs (back-front), Swadhisthan Chakra (4,8,9,11,13).

  • Diabetes.

Manipur Chakra, Pancreas, Local (9,12).

  • Eye diseases, to remove spectacles.

Eyes, Swadhisthan Chakra, Legs (9,13,17).

  • Stone

Manipur Chakra, Swadhisthan Chakra, Mooladhar Chakra, Local (9,13,14,2).

  • Neck problems – pain, hardness, Spondilitis, etc.

Head, Neck, Heart, Manipur Chakra, Mooladhar Chakra (4,6,8,9,14).

  • Mouth ulcers, dental problems, tongue problems, etc.

Both hands on both chicks.

  • To remove hairs on upper lips and chins of women.

Swadhisthan Chakra & Local (13).

  • Hair problems.

Head & Swadhithan Chakra (2,5,13).

  • To be pregnant, safeguard in pregnancy, normal delivery, for good health of mother & kid at the time of pregnancy & delivery, as well.

Swadhithan Chakra, Mooladhar Chakra (13,14).

  • Removing effects of poison – any type.

Manipur Chakra, Local (9).

  • Ulcer.

Manipur Chakra, Local (9).

  • Sinus.

Swadhithan chakra, local (13).

  • Sciatica.

Local, Swadhisthan Chakra, back of Mooladhar Chakra (13,14,24).

  • Ear problems.

Local, Swadhisthan Chakra (3,13).

  • Jaundice, blood related problems, liver problems.

Manipur Chakra, Liver, Spleen (9,10,12).

  • Arms & muscular problems.

Heart chakra, Shoulder (8,15).

  • Cancer

Local, between Heart & Manipur Chakra.

  • Besides all these, any type of pain & disease in overall body.

Every charkas & local.


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