The Island

Frequently relates to hereditary evils.


Heavily marked on the line of Heart – heart weakness.


On the centre of the Headline – hereditary weakness in mentality.


On line of life – illness & delicacy at that particular point.


On line of fate – some heavy loss in worldly matters.


On line of Sun – loss of position and name, generally through scandal.


Any line running into or forming an Island:

Any attendant line on the mount of Venus running into – disgrace & trouble from passion to the man/woman.


A line forming island & crossing from the mount of Venus to the line of marriage – evil influence at that particular point will bring disgrace to the marriage.


Same kind runs to the line of heart – some bad influences will bring trouble & disgrace to affections.


When runs to line of Head – some influence will direct the talents & intensions into some disgraceful channel.


When runs into & bars the line of Fate – evil influence will be a barrier to the success.


On any mount, island injures the qualities of mount:

On the mount of Jupiter it weakens the pride & ambitions.

On Saturn – brings misfortune to the subject.

On Sun – it weakens the talent for art.

On Mercury – it makes a person too changeable to succeed particularly in business/science.

On Mars – it shows a weak spirit & cowardice.

On Luna – weakness in working out the power of the imagination.

On Venus – a person easily led & influenced by the sport of fancy & passion.

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