The Lines Of Hands

1)     The line of Life is called Vital.


2)     The Line of Head, the Natural or Cerebral.


3)     The line of Heart, the Mensal.


4)     The line of Fate, the line of Destiny or the Saturnian.


5)     The line of Sun, the line of Brilliancy or Apollo.


6)     The line of Health, the Hepatica, or the Liver line.


7)     The line of Mars


8)     The Vla Lasciva lies parallel to the line of Health.


9)     The Girdle of Venus.


The Upper Hemisphere – Mind

The Lower Hemisphere – Material.


The Rules In Relation To Lines:

  1.            I.     Lines very pale:- Want of robust health, lack of energy and decision.
  2.           II.     Line red:- Sanguine, hopeful disposition & active & robust temperament.
  3.          III.     Yellow Lines:- Biliousness & liver trouble and nature self-contained, reserved & proud.
  4.         IV.     Lines very dark almost black:- Melancholy, grave temperament, & naughty, distant nature, one usually very revengeful & unforgiving.


A single sign in itself only shows the tendency; when however the sign is repeated by other lines, the danger is then almost a certainty.


Sister line to any important line lessens or prevents the danger. Fork at the end of line, except of life, gives greater power to that line. Lines ends in a tassel )divided in 3-4 parts) means weakness & destruction to that lines, particularly lifeline. Branches rising from lifeline accentuate its power & strength, but descending branches denote the reverse. At the commencement of Heart line rising branches means vigour & warmth of the affections, descending, the opposite. On the Headline ascending lines means cleverness & ambitions talent & on Fateline, show success in all undertakings, made at a particular point.


Chained formation is a weak sign.

On Heart line – weakness & changeability of affections

On Head line – want of fixity of ideas and weakness in intellect.


Breaks denote failure. Wavy formation weakens the power of line.


Capillary lines are those little hairlines running by the side of the main line. Sometimes joining it, sometimes falling from it, denote weakness as chain.


When the entire hand is covered with a network or multitude of little lines running aimlessly in all direction, it betrays mental worry, a highly nervous temperament & a troubled nature.


This is particularly on soft palm – such people imagine all sorts of things in the way of ailments & troubles; but if palm be hard & firm – an energetic excitable nature, but is far more successful for others than self.

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