Magnet Therapy Tips

Acupressure & Magnet Therapy are like brother & sister.

Magnets are of two types: Natural & Artificial. It is made up from the mixture of Iron, Cobalt, Aluminium, etc. metals & passing electric on them.

  1. Ceramic/ Low-powered Magnets are generally used on children & on upper part of the body. Gauss Power (G.P.) – 30-40 GP.

  1. Medium-powered Magnets are generally used on kids of tender-age leaving the face. G.P. – 1000-2000 GP.

  1. High-powered/ super power Magnets are used only on Adults & on Lower parts of the body. G.P. – 5000-6000 GP.

  1. North pole is always right/ upper/ front side – every time cool.

  1. South pole is always left/ lower/ back side – every time warm.

  1. For sitting arrangement, non-earthing matter like wood should be there for the treatment.

  1. Don’t touch the patient while taking treatment, and if necessary, then touch him after standing on wooden thing.

  1. Face of the patient should be on west side for the treatment.

  1. No cold items should be taken at least for 1 hour after the magnetic treatment.

  1. Don’t use magnet on the heart.

  1. A child should be given treatment for 5 minutes.

  1. An adult can take treatment from 5 minutes to half-an-hour.

  1. Magnetic treatment can be taken twice daily; but there should be a gap of 10-12 hours between them.

  1. The patients who are taking magnetic treatment, they should avoid cold things.

If the patient feel uneasy while taking the treatment, then either let him drink the cold water or give a 10 paise (old)/ zinc plate into has hand to hold tightly. It will destroy the magnetic power.

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