The Moon in Cancer

The Moon is quite comfortable in this sign, since it rules Cancer. An individual with the cancer in the moon is truly a “Moonchild” and is subject to mood changes, which accompany the changes in the moon’s phases. To them home life is very important, and they’ll do all to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

The Moon also rules habits and memories from our past. They may be quite possessive of cherished objects (or persons). As a parent, they are quite nurturing and. They lavish loved ones with favors and then are disappointed when they do not reciprocate in kind.

When these individuals of the moon sign are hurt they are prone to sulking. They may even attempt to inflict guilt feelings on those who have hurt them (whether intentionally or not). They do not hesitate to use tears or a self-sacrificial attitude to get their point across. This highly emotional behavior can put a strain on their personal as well as professional relationships.

Persons with Moon in Cancer often try to recapture their youth when they exceed the age of 40. After 50 they may become self-indulgent, and at 60 they begin to wonder if this old age they have prepared for will ever come. They enjoy being grandparents and see it as a further investment in the future.

These individuals have a shrewd way of making money easily. Real estate is an especially good area for you to invest in. You would also do well in a business run from your home. Be careful of your natural tendency to put on weight and to retain water.

Women of this lunar sign are luckier and happier in nature. They are soft and they are not quite up to the business kind of mentality that they follow. They look forward to domestic responsibility and find themselves to be more comfortable in serving their loved ones.

The men with this type of birth figure are less blessed. Modern life is always full of problems and the struggle for existence a foregone conclusion, therefore any inherent softness in nature or in the make-up, or any emotional unsteadiness, makes a man unable to carve a successful future for himself and his family.

In their love life they are a very sympathetic and understanding partner. Early in life they probably attracted persons who were emotionally unstable and drained your energy. As they grow older they learn to avoid such people and to resist the temptation to be an emotional doormat for others. It is possible that they will maintain several relationships at once. This is more because of their inability to cut ties with the past but their need for variety.

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