The Moon in Leo

With the Moon in Leo one is warm, loving and outgoing. These people extend favorite relationships with those, which encourage mutual growth–whether they be love relationships, friendships or business partnerships. They are not afraid to meet others halfway in order to accomplish this.

With this Moon placement they are highly idealistic and should exercise discrimination in choosing friends and lovers. Leo’s don’t settle for less than what they want in their personal relationships. If something otherwise happens, they begin to resent the other person and openly express disappointment in them.

Women with the moon in Leo in the birth chart are apt to be rather domineering and high handed. They are just as noble and fine as the masculine type, but the qualities of leadership expressed in the lunation make women too commanding. In the business world this may work out very well, but in home life, where this type of woman gravitates, she is too authoritative, and consequently often chooses a weaker man than she is a woman. The possibilities are that he will be smothered with love and care, but he may be henpecked and bossed.

The man with the moon in Leo is often very lucky in his choice of a sweetheart or a wife. It is not really luck, as these people are very clear sighted and able to judge character. An inferior woman would have no appeal for this type of man, as he is too discriminating, and his standards are too high to allow him to choose a wife carelessly. Having made his selection, his devotion is intense and faithful throughout the life.

They love children and may actually have difficulty cutting the apron strings when they grow up. Their children know they are loved and will return the affection with the utmost respect. They are inspired by their Leo parent’s example, which encourages them to develop a healthy measure of self-confidence and optimism about life.

In business they usually emerge as leaders. At the very least, they are capable of exercising authority in a benevolent fashion and therefore make a good supervisor. Others respect Leo’s and are encouraged by their sense of pride in work. They are often willing to share some of the burden with others when needed.

Since Leos enjoy the social scene, they need a partner who is similarly inclined. Love is the center of attention, as this is a great ego boost for all Leos. They enjoy the company of many varied friends, so their love partner must be able to look beyond petty jealousies and share them with the rest of the world.

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