Fengshui Cures Of Vaastu

Are you facing problems being in a house with Vaastu defects? Do you have a business establishment in a building without Vaastu? The Chinese system of Fengshui offers you cure for Vaastu defects. Here are some of them:

v    Pakua Mirror

v    Mandarin Doves

v    Crystal

v    Wind Chimes

v    Celestial Animals

v    Door Pakua

v    Small Pyramid

v    9 Inch Pyramid

Fengshui cures can be employed to stimulate the environment inside a structure. Fengshui cures can be employed in two ways. One is to apply them from individual point of views. Here if a person is looking for improvement in business, then the cures are employed in the business premises. If he is an executive in a large organisation looking for career advancement, then the cures are employed in his office room. If he is looking for improvement in marital relationship, then they are installed in the bedroom and so on.

In other words, here the individual and what he desires most at that particular phase of his life are the guiding factors while placing the cures.

The same Fengshui cures can also be employed for energising various sectors of a house or apartment without bringing the individual in the picture. This procedure is ideal for homes and apartments where a family lives and the progress of all family members is desired.

The gadgets, which are now available in a kit form consisting of ten cures and are found to be sufficient to fully stimulate the environment in individual houses or apartments. If your house or apartment is against Vaastu, then it is worthwhile trying the Fengshui cures.

First have a plan of your house or apartment. Look at the general shape of the plan. If it is a rectangle or a square, then you can proceed further to install the cures. If a corner is missing, then a correction is called for. To find the missing corner, divide the plan to nine equal parts. Placing the plan in this nine square matrix, you can determine which area of your house or apartment comes under the influence of a particular sector.

Ideally, no corner should be missing in a house or apartment. But sometimes, it is the case with houses and more so in the case of an apartment. There is, however, no need to lose heart. All you have to do is to locate the missing corner. The defect can be overcome by using mirrors.

For example, if you find that the northeast corner is missing, to reestablish the corner, install two full-length mirrors at right angles near the missing corner. This gives an illusion of restoring the northeast and you will get the effect as though northeast is present.

Any missing corner defect can be rectified by this method. However, make sure that the mirrors are installed properly. Firstly, a mirror used for this purpose should be of high quality without any distortions. Secondly, you need a mirror, which is of shoulder width and at least six feet in length. Two such mirrors are required.

The mirror should be permanently fixed on the walls. In the above case, one mirror should be placed on the north wall and another on the east. The bottom line of the mirror should rest on the floor. Use always a single length. In other words, you should not use more than one mirror to make up for the length.

In the rare case when you have more than one corner missing, the same procedure is to be followed for the other missing corner also.

There is yet another possibility. You can have a building where a central direction sector is fully or partly missing. Suppose you find that the North sector is missing in the building. In this case, install a mirror of the same description as above. This in effect restores the cut portion.

Once you have made sure that all sectors and corners are present, you can proceed to install the gadgets.

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