Superstitions,Sacrifices & Vaastu

The advent of electronics has made a piercing thrust towards the new era. Man has made a daring step into the secrets of nature and molded them for his purpose and party. He is trying to make his dreams come true and bring heaven on to this earth.

While the world is heading towards the super sonic age, there is a dark side to it as well. In this modern scientific age, the age-old superstitions are reigning the other world of mute sacrifices, taboos and mystics and chests. They are looting the gullible people in day light with their mesmerism and are creating dreadful situations in the society and devastating the progressive plans and schemes, meant for development and reformation.

The obnoxious superstitions are spread in black corners and a healthy atmosphere is polluted and spoiled. The vile traditions are brought up with mystical and fictitious propaganda under the veil of super natural powers. They are spoiling the social core with false and mal intentional cheats. They are also helping to breathe life into the dead traditions and faiths, which are ultimately weakening human power and dragging them into worsened beliefs.

People are swept away with blind faith in super natural powers, believing in all gullible acts of cheats. The super natural power is supposedly God, Sun or Nature. Whatever be the philosophy from the ancient time none has earned anything without toil and strife. Man has learned to think and act with observation and self styled knowledge through nature. With his own experience he has tried to see the reason of existence of Nature. Thereby he learned to grow trees and save the environment for the civilized man.

But with his faculty of reason, he found out his use and abuse, profit and loss, magnificent and malignant. In course of time he learned to tame the animals and domesticated them for his needs. He developed reason, and tried to find out the solution through discovery or invention. His experience and observation developed into wisdom, which provided the philosophy. Art and culture developed in the mean time and built habitats – huts to house and mansion. Today, he is in space facing the stars.

Man has acknowledged the Value of Labor, so his strife and struggle for existence turned to be the Coin of Exchange. But some people are trying to earn through unfair means. Through mystics and superstitious beliefs they are alluring the people towards their wrong paths. To get their peevish wants fulfilled, they even do not hesitate to take lives or sacrifice any life. In this civilized world such superstitions are shameful. This is to be condemned by one and all.

On,7.7.96, one of the residents of Ibrahimpatan, inHyderabad, Guda Ellayya and some villagers, tortured two women of that village making them run around the village bare and beating them with hunters, and sprinkling pepper. They were blamed of having powers of witchcraft. The news was shocking.

Another similar incidence talks about the Labour Colony at Patan Cheru, where a woman was suffering from fever for a long time. A mystic belonging to the same village tried to cure her with his mantras on 1-7-96, but of that was of no avail and the fever sustained. Some took her to a mantic who chanted mantras and bead her to relieve the hunted devil. Next she was taken to another enchantress, who gave her some drink. After suffering for long and bearing inhuman tortures, she died. The news in Andhra Jyothi about this barborous shameful act was very shocking indeed.

One would be bound to think about this cruel and uncivilized act of penury. This is because of the superstitious belief in mystical Talismam, enchantment garlands or gaurbs, yantras, tantras, rings. They strongly believe in astronomy, palmistry and fortune telling. The blind faith in yantras and their power for curing is just for fooling the general public and leading the youth astray. Why the practice of Black Magic still exists in this modern world; and how to cure this; is a question to be posed to the wise of the age. In this 21st century the human sacrifice is still prevailing as a token of barbarous jungle life. For how long these redundant actions will continue and how many livers will be ruined, is a question to be thought of by every citizen of this country. But who bothers to be conscious enough to lament about it?

It is high time to stop these redundant actions, and save the youth and gullible public, children and women folk from erroneous errands of blasphemy; and lead them towards a golden tomorrow.

Some may take this science of Vaastu as fictitious and superstitious. Then the concept of sun, earth, air, fire and water will become baseless. But no body will deny that they are the sole causes of life on earth; and without them no life is possible on earth. It is also established that the changes as per Vaastu in the house, augured well and the families in them earned name and fame and prosperity. These are all the living witnesses of it.


v    Srichakra does not enrich buyer – Such a sale surely enriches the seller.

v    Believe not in Matsya and other yantras – Spend not vastly on those jantras.

v    Talisman does not check Vaasthu defects – But provokes cheats to drain perfects.

v    Kubera amulet – Buy not even an omelet.

v    Spouse and lineage amulets – Despair life with barren amorist.

v    Charm spells and talismans – All are selfish political boomerangs.

v    Mahalakshmi and like charms of riches – Barren the buyer with selfish rockets of sellers.

v    Caste based soil – Leads to whole turmoil.

v    Doctrine of dimension – Causes tremendous confusion.



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