Physical Appearance

AriesAries Symbol

Aries individuals generally have strong, muscular physique with large bones and broad shoulders. The features of an Aries are usually regular and their teeth tend to be even and symmetrical. The Aries are mostly of medium height and stocky.

TaurusTaurus Symbol

Taureans have to be on their guard for their tendency of gaining weight easily. They are generally well built and stocky. Their skin is soft and glowing, eyes are very noticeable and lips full and well shaped, in fact luscious in case of Taurus women. A Taurus usually moves around gracefully and well in coordination with others.

GeminiGemini Symbol

Geminines have fine bone structure and movements that are light and often sets one apart from others. Geminis are agile and fun loving, the combination of the two often makes them good dancers. Their facial expressions are usually kiddish. Quick to smile, with ears that are a bit larger than normal, their physique tends to remain slim even when their food intake begins to cross the limits.

CancerCancer zodiak sign. Also at Unicode U+264B (♋).

Cancerians are usually of medium height and their built is sturdy. Their complexion is smooth and free from pimples and blemishes. Most of the individuals of this Zodiac have even teeth and a wide, sensuous mouth.

LeoLeo Symbol

Physically, Leos are strong and have abundant energy and fire which is reflected in their swift movements. A Leo’s constitution is generally very robust, and even if they fall ill, they recover soon. Leos are often good looking and take pride on their looks.

VirgoVirgo Symbol

Often of a small build, a Virgo has bustling and bubbling energy and is seldom able to sit still for long. Their noses are seldom bulbous, and the lips are generally delicately shaped. Their skin tends to be soft and oily during their younger years.

LibraLibra Symbol

Physically, Librans don’t always appear to be too strong and robust at first glance but they are often just the opposite to this concept. They actually have great stamina. Their skin usually has a healthy glow to it and people often envy the texture of their hair.

ScorpioScorpio Symbol

Generally, the individuals of this Zodiac present an attractive and strikingly tidy appearance – with not a hair out of place, their nails are well cared for and they are both heath and physique conscious. Most of them have a fine skin texture. However, once a Scorpio enters his/her thirties, they tend to put on weight easily.

Sagittarius  Sagittarius Symbol

Generally fine boned with a glowing complexion, large eyes, a pert nose and a charming smile, a Sagittarius tends to walk with a gliding movement. Individuals bear bodily actions, which are usually soft and refined instead of being clumsy and ungainly.

Capricorn  Capricorn Symbol

As a rule, Capricorns are good looking, with well-chiselled features, well-shaped eyebrows and sensual lips. Their eyes are piecing in their intensity at times.

Aquarius  Aquarius Symbol

Although broad shouldered and large-boned, the individuals of this Zodiac have a considerable amount of grace and their physical appearance is usually quite striking. Many of them possess high cheekbones and a winning smile.

Pisces  Pisces Symbol

Pisces generally have short stature with a tendency to be plump, short limbs, a ‘full’ face, pale complexion, a tendency to develop a double chin, muscular and spherical shoulders. Pisces individuals have big and protruding eyes, soft and silky hair and a wide mouth.

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