Limitations of Vaastu

Vaastu and Geographical Position . 

The solar energy received at a particular place depends upon the geographical position of that place and the season prevailing at that time. Solar energy is one of the major source of life on Earth. When the sun is farthest from a particular place we receive positive energies and when it is near we receive negative energies.
In India’s case (which lies between 8 – 37 degrees latitude), the sun is farthest when it is in North East and closest when it is in the South West. Therefore in India,North East direction should have more open area to allow positive charges and the South West should be blocked to avoid thenegative energies.

Based on the above reasoning, Vaastu makes various recommendations and these are not base on superstitions but on solid base. the recommendations are :

  • Load in South West decreases the intensity of negative field there.
  • If South West is covered, the intensity of negative energy is reduced.
  • More open space in North and East increases the positive field in that area.
  • Depression on North East increases the positive energy in that zone.
  • Water source in the North East increases the intensity of absorption of energy.
  • The Central portion of a plot has very weak energy and hence no living space should be provided there.
  • Bio energy is released in the South West corner and it is strong there. This is why it is recommended to have the Master Bedroom in this corner.

Many examples could be cited to show that Vaastu, if followed in constructing one house, office or business place, one could be happy and prosperous. A question arises whether one can achieve every thing in life by simply living in a house built as per vaastu. The answer is because Vaastu has its own limitations. Just because one has a house as per Vaastu, one can not become a top celebrity. Nevertheless, if plot is good as per Vaastu and house is also built according to the shastra, one may achieve many of the following:

Ø     One may have health and happiness.

Ø     Children may come up in life.

Ø     One may succeed in getting good promotions, if in service.

Ø     One may make good money, if in business.

Ø     One may attain position and power, if in politics.

One may get the benefits as enumerated above, as per the degree of perfection in following Vaastu. If one can satisfy 70 to 75 % of Vaastu, he should be very happy. It is interesting to note that some fortunate people have been living in good houses built as per vaastu, without knowing even elementary principles of the subject.

Construction of a house or a work place following cent percent Vaastu principles is not possible, because of the levels in and around the plot, shape of the plot, number of roads and direction of the roads abutting the plot. Hence one has to work with the available plot and construct the house or office to suit ones requirements under the given circumstances to provide maximum benefit to

the interiors of the house. An Architect bestowed with the knowledge of vaastu designs the building, striking a balance between the two depending upon the importance of one or the other as the case may be. Considering this practical aspect, the title of the book is chosen as a glimpse of practical vaastu.

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