The Cross

Indicates trouble, disappointment, danger & sometimes change in the position of life.


On mount of Jupiter – at least one great affection will come into the life. This is especially when the Fateline rises from Luna. When close to commencement of Lifeline & toward the side of hand, it will be early; on the summit, in middle life & down at the base late in life is the time of affection.


On Saturn when touching Fateline – warns of the danger of violent death by accident but when in centre of mount – increases the fatalistic tendencies of life.


On Sun – disappointment in the pursuit of fame, art or riches.


On Mercury – dishonest nature & inclined to duplicity.


On Mars under Mercury – dangerous opposition of enemies


On Mars under Jupiter – force, violence & even death from quarrels.


On Moon – a fatal influence of the imagination. Man will deceive even himself.


On Venus – (1) when heavily marked – some great trial or fatal influence of affection. (2) when very small & lying close to the Lifeline – trouble & quarrels with near relatives.


By the side of Fateline & between Head & Life line in Plain Of Mars – opposition in one’s career by relatives & change in the destiny. But lying next to Luna – disappointment in a journey.


Above & touching the Headline – some wound or accident to the head.


Side of Sunline – disappointment in position.


Running into Fateline – disappointment in money & over the line of Heart – death of some loved one.

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