The Nails

Long Nails: (Trouble in chest, lungs & head)

Very Long Nails – liable to suffer from chest and lung trouble. This is more aggrevated when it is much curved & are fluted or ribbed.


These nails when shorter – throat trouble.


Long nails, very wide at the top & bluish in appearance – bad circulation from ill-health.


Short Nails:

Heart trouble affecting trunk & lower limbs.


Nails thin & flat at the base with little or no moons – weak action of heart.


Large moons – good circulation.


Nails very flat & sunken into the flesh at the base – nerve disorders.


Natural spots on nails – highly strung nervous temperament.


Thin nails, if small – delicate health and want of energy.


Very narrow & long, if high & much curved – threaten spinal trouble & never promise very great strength.



Long nailed persons are less critical & more impressionable thn with short nails. They are also calmer in temper & more gentle. Such mails indicates great idealism & artistic nature. They are rather looking the facts particularly if they are distasteful.


Short nailed persons are extremely critical, even of thing relating to the self. They analyse everything. They incline to logic, reason & facts. They make the best critics. They are quicker, sharper & keener in judgment. They are fond of debate & in argument. They have keener sense of humour. They are quick & sharp in temper.


When nails broader than they are long – a pugnacious disposition, also a tendency to worry & meddle & to interfere with other people’s business.


Nails short by the habit of biting – nervous, worrying temperament.

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