The Pig is the easiest going, laid back of all the signs. Cheerful, friendly and overflowing with good nature, the Pig is willing to give everyone the benefit of doubt. Wrong a pig, and there’s a high chance of being forgiven. The Pig does not hold any grudge against anyone.

Pigs tend to give people too many chances and for this reason they are often taken advantage of, but in the long run they don’t mind. Better to be generous, the Pig reasons than to be miserable, suspicious type.

Pigs are generally cool in nature. However even if they loose temper, they cool off quickly and are occasionally provoked too far.

The Pig or Boar personality is down to earth, generous and brings goodwill and humanity to all. The Boar represents honesty, selflessness and is unassuming and unpretentious. The Boar’s success in life is typified by the resilience and earnest fervor of the heart. Sociable and gregarious the Boar is not easily offended and fends off unwarranted criticisms.

At home, Pigs choose their décor with comfort in mind. They may or may not be tidy but the house will be warm and cozily lit. Pigs are generous and convivial hosts. They delight in sharing what they have and spread their good fortune around. It is generally said to be a lucky sign.

On the negative side, Pigs tend to be slow and somewhat snobbish. A Pig rhymes very well with a fellow pig and the goat. They also make good combination with Rabbits & Rats. Pigs are the most compatible with all other signs.

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