Acupressure Points

Point 1

Relate to: Brain, Weight – 1.4 (approx.)gm., Master computer,

Disorder cause: Cold, Cough, Sleeplessness.


Point 2

Disorder cause: Hysteria, Mental Diseases, Heaviness in Head, Insanity, etc.

Generally, Hysteria happens in girls because of weakness in sexual hormones.

Point 3

Relate to: Pituitary Gland, Master Gland, Size – 1 inch (approx.), Weight – 2.5 gms. (approx.), It makes hormones in the body. It works as a growth element in the body.

Disorder cause: Bone raising, Fat increasing, Bad Habits,

Function: Keeps body healthy, Balances the water element, Balances the veins, Rejuvenates and controlling it, Controlling every work in the body, Increasing memory, Control on Ovary, Decreases fat, Increases will power, Repair the weakness of other glands, Constipation, Urine control, Repair in food pipe, Shortage of milk in breast after delivery, Increasing busts, Control on Breast feed.

Osterian Pituterin Hormone is created by this gland. If it increases, the person will be like a Saitan.


Point 4

Relate to: Pineal Gland, Second Master Gland, It sets work like a secretary, Assistant of pituitary. It is called the third eye.

Function: Balance over water element, Controlling brain., Control over sexual-desire.

Disorder cause: Swelling in body, Problem in Kidney, High Blood Pressure, Sexual awareness before maturity, unwanted growth.

Point 5

Relate to: Head Nerves.

Disorder cause: Headache, Thigh pain, Eyebrow pain, Pain in the middle part of forehead, migraine, worryness without any reason, Fear without reason, Sleeplessness, emotionlessness, absentmindedness.


Point 6

Relate to: Throat.

Disorder cause: Tonsillitis, Problem in Vocal Cord, Problem in eating, Cough, Suffocation, Goiter, itching in throat, Dry cough, Shrinking of food pipe, Stammering (Haklana).

Point 7

Relate to: Neck.

Disorder cause: Cervical Spondilities, Hardening of neck,


Point 8

Relate to: Thyroid Gland – Queen Gland

Function: Control on Calcium & Phosphorus in body, Flexibility in body, Increases hormones, Control over increased hormones, Balancing hotness- coldness in body, Rectifying blood circulation, Heart balancing, Increase intelligence, Balancing cholesterol – normal: 250, Control on lungs &heart.

Disorder cause: Bending of bones, Sookha rog, Hysteria, Fattiness, Too slim, Mumps (Kanthmal), Laziness, Arthritis, Paralysis, Weakness in nervous system, Anger, Weakness in siemen, Low Digestive power, Joint pain, Swelling in joints, Hair fall, Turn tongue to slim from thick, Saliva from kids’ mouth, Irritation, Dry skin, Swelling on face, Black thatch under eye, Short hightedness, White hair, Convulsions, Weakness in nerves, Backache, Hiccups.

It is a stockiest of iodine. If iodine lowers in body, then thyroid increases. It sucks iodine from salt.

Point 9

Relate to: Spinal cord – 30 manke

Cervical – 7

Thorax – 12

Lumber – 5

Sacral – 5

Coccyx – 1

Total – 30.

Disorder cause: Cervical Spondilities, Slip disc, Sciatica, Stomachache, Backache.


Point 10

Relate to: Piles.

Point 11

Relate to: Prostate – only in males.

Disorder cause: Burning in urine, Urine comes after a while, Swelling in gland, Hernia, hydrosil, Problem in urine, Urine Smells bad, Regular urine at night, Cant stop urine.

Generally 450 mg urine comes at a time and secrets within 45 seconds approx,

Generally the prostate happens on the age of 45-50

Point 12

Relate to: Penis & vagina.

Function: Balancing the heat in body, Increasing siemens.

Disorder cause: Pain in uterus on pressure, Impotency, Heavy sweating, Irregularity in menstruation, Pain at the time of menstruation, Leuchoriah/ white discharge, Itching in vagina, Nightfall, Pimples.

Point 13

Relate: Uterus.

Function: Control on uterus working, Balancing water in body, Balancing heat in body.

Disorder cause: Irregularity in menstruation period, Leuchoria, Increasing fat as because heat is less in body.

Point 14

Relate to: Ovary.

Disorder cause: Weak penis, No attraction in penis (as because of masturbating), Rapid Ejaculation.

Point 15

Relate to: Testis.

Disorder cause: Thin siemen, Rapid Ejaculation., Nightfall, Hydrocil.


Point 16

Relate to: Lymph glands.

Function: Increasing willpower, Resistance with virus, Making WBC.

Disorder cause: Backache, Leuchoreah, Nightfall, Drying pus, Arthritis, Asthma, Uneasiness, Joint pain, Swelling in joints, Thigh pain, Pain at the back of knee.

Point 17

Relate to: Heap, Knee & Thigh.

Disorder cause: Pain in those areas.

Point 18

Relate to: Urinary Bladder.

Disorder cause: More/ less urine, Haziness in urine, Pain below naval, Stone in Uretor, Stomachache, Vomiting, Fever, Burning in urine, Bleeding in urine.

Point 19

Relate to: Small Intestine, length – 26-30 ft. (approx.) & thickness – 2 ½ cm. (approx.)

Disorder cause: Stomachache, Constipation, Drying of stool due to hotness of stomach, Gastric, Indigestion, Ulcer, Itching, Skin disease, Loose motion, Digestive disorder.

Point 20

Relate to: Large Intestine, length – 4 ½ ft. & thickness – 3 ½ inch.

Disorder cause: Constipation, Headache, Loose motion, Hernia, Obesity, Diarrhoea, Gastric, Bad smell in mouth.

Point 21

Relate to: Appendix, 10 cm. in length & 1 cm. thick.

Function: Destroy the wastes in body, important part of digestive system (after operation digestive system is always improper).

Disorder cause: Red swelling, Allergy, Diabetes, Polyuria, Tonsillitis, Pimples, Vomiting tendency in bus, Cold.

Point 22

Relate to: Gall bladder, capacity – 40 gm.

Function: Stockiest of bile.

Disorder cause: Baldness, Number increases very fast in eyes, Angerness, Sleeplessness, Stone in gall bladder, High voice, Tired eyes, Tired legs, Wastes in eyes.

Point 23

Relate to: Liver, biggest part of body, weight between 1300-1800 gms., it makes bile and keeps digestive system lubricated.

Function: Does not make stool hard, Increasing RBC, Increase blood urea, Makes vitamin A, B, D, E, K.

Disorder cause: Diabetes, Swelling in nerves, Jaundice/ hepatitis, Allergy, Weight lose in time of menstruation, Anger, Yellow tongue, Bad smell in feet, Yellow spots in eyes, Redness in nose, Shivering of hand & legs, In case of cut no blood clotting, Bad Bellow (Dakar).

Point 24

Relate to: Shoulder.

Disorder cause: Cervical spondilities, Hardness in neck, Problem in padmasan.

Point 25

Relate to: Pancreas, Clome gland, it destroys excess glucose in our body. Length approx. 7 inches. And weight is approx. 60 gms.

Function: Control on digestive system.

Disorder cause: Bad habits, Low pressure, High pressure, Excess saliva, Shivering in body, Bad dreams, Eczema, Dizziness, Migraine.

Point 26

Relate to: Kidney, weight – 150 gm.lies betn. Thorax (6-12) vertebrae, and cleans approx. 187 liters of blood daily.

Disorder cause: Backache, Diabetes, Swelling in body, Eyes diseases, Stone, Urinary diseases, Remove toxins from body, Black patch under eyes, Polyuria (bahumutra), Yellow patches in body.

Point 27

Relate to: Stomach, over 3000 tissues take part in digestion and suck the main part of food.

Disorder cause: Burning in chest, Stomachache, Indigestion, Ulcer in stomach, Sour Dakar, Mandagni.

Point 28

Relate to: Adrenal Gland, it stands like a cap on kidney.

Function: Control on liver, High fever, Relief in virus fever, Control on gall bladder, Control on high pressure, Prevent diseases.

Disorder cause: Problem in urinary bladder, Increasing fat on stomach, High blood pressure, Tiredness, Bicoline, Swelling in body, Asthma, Joint pain, Allergy, Short-temperedness, Acidity, High headache.

Point 29

Relate to: Solar Plexus, Nabhi chakra, second brain

Disorder cause: Pain in solar plexus, Stomachache, Burning in chest, Burning in fingers, Headache, Gas trouble, Burning in eyes, Small pox, Pain around solar plexus, Diabetes, Backache.

Point 30

Relate to: Lungs.

Function: Helping intestine after digestion, Control on body temperature.

Disorder cause: Heart enlargement, Cold, cough, Pneumonia, Asthma, Chest pain, Skin diseases, End of smelling power, Pain in nipples at the time of menstruation.

Point 31

Relate to: Ears.

Disorder cause: Earache, Deafness, Pus in ears, Itching in ears, Noise in ear, Do not hear properly.

Point 32

Relate to: Energy center (Shaktikendra).

Point 33

Relate to: Nerves & Ears.

Disorder cause: Swelling in kanpatti, Diseases outside ears.

Point 34

Relate to: Nose,Cold.

Disorder cause: Sinus, Cooling, Suffocation, Chhnk aana.

Point 35

Relate to: Eyes.

Disorder cause: Diseases of eyes, Redish in eyes, Jai bangla, Keechad in eyes, Furukle in eyes, Itching in eyes, Palaken chipkana, Burning in eyes and kanpati.

Point 36

Relate to: Heart, man dies if the pulses are 160-165. instead of 72 times in a minute. We take breath 17 times in a minute. Pumps blood approx 2270 lt. In a day. It s weight is 250 gms. 24 hrs. it works as it is.

Function: Cleaning blood.

Disorder cause: Heart pain, Saans fulana, Asthma, Palpitation, Palpitation due to tension/ fear, Plueracy (Water logging in lungs), Diseases of lungs.

Point 37

Relate to: Spleen.

Function: Clean blood, Increase RBC, Increasing WBC, Cleans body colour.

Disorder cause: Black patch under eyes, Increase of urea & uric acid, Male nutrition in case of little acid producing, Swelling in body due to increase of urea, Increase of hemoglobin, Black fever, Dryness of mouth, Menanjitis, Sleepiness after taking food.

Point 38

Relate to: Thymus Gland, it works only upto 14-15 yrs. It situated near lungs. It makes youngness. At the time of birth it weighs approx. 15-20 gms. And increases upto 30-40 gms as time passes.

Function: Keep child disease-free, Develop child’s body.

Disorder cause: Does not make child colourless.

Point 39

Relate to: Sinus.

Disorder cause: Eyebrow pain, Forehead pain, Clotting of nose due to allergy, Nose pain, Headache, Cold, cough, Sleeplessness, Mental diseases, Headache due to cold., Viruses in nose.

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