CAPRICORN is an earth sign ruled by Saturn whose symbol is the goat.

A pair of goats may have a somewhat restrictive influence on each other. When they are young, but they have more fun then a cageful of baboons which they’re older. It’s comforting to a goat to have someone who is reliable, around. They absolutely never exchange silly superficialities. When two goats get together, they can make gigantic successes from small scraps of possibilities.

It’s not easy to predict the outcome when capricorn and Aquarius get together. It’s difficult for a goat to belief in the illogical or irresponsible, the impractical or the non-fractal. To the Aquarius, there is no such word as impossible. It all depends on how tolerant the goat is and how quickly Aquarius gets bored by the goat’s insistence on status quo.

In the claiming presence of the goat, the Piscean often feels cozy and secured. Conversely, in the serene presence of Pisces, goats often feel light-hearted and somehow suffer in kicking up there heels against their own natural restrictive behavior. In many ways they are made for each other. They think the feel alike about most major issues and if they disagree, they take turn to carefully convince each other.













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