Therapeutic Effect of Different Therapies

1.   Prayer

–       Food for the mind.

–       Elevates the spiritual health.

–       Improves the concentration.

–       Relieves the stress.

–       Balances the physical & mental health.

2.   Yoga

–       Overall personality development.

–       Good remedy for stress induced disorders.

–       Improves the physical & mental health.

–       Improves the concentration.

–       Prevention of diseases.

3.   Exercise

–       Tones up the muscles & nerves.

–       Burns the calories.

–       Decreases the body weight.

–       Lubricates the joints.

4.   Oil Massage

–       Passive Exercise

–       Improves the general blood circulation.

–       Protects the skin.

–       Good remedy for joint disorders.

–       Tones up the muscles.

–       Improves the nutrition to body parts.

5.   Hip Bath

–       Helps the eliminative organs to function properly.

–       Tonifies the abdominal & pelvic organs.

–       Improves the vitality.

6.   Spinal Bath

–       Tonifies the nervous system.

–       Smoothening & sedative treatment.

–       Relieves the congestion of the lungs.

–       Balances the blood pressure.

–       Relaxes the cardiac muscles.

7.   Arm And Foot Bath

–       Relieves the congestion of thoracic organs.

–       Induces the perspiration.

–       Good remedy for asthmatics.

–       Home remedy for headache.

8.   Steam Bath

–       Eliminates the morbid matter from the skin.

–       Excites the Metabolism.

–       Burns the calories.

–       Reduces the body weight.

9.   Mud Therapy

–       Useful in cleaning & strengthening the skin tissues.

–       Improves the complexion & protects the skin.

–       Absorbs the excess body heat.

–       Relieves the Physical & Mental stress.

–       Balances the Blood Pressure.

10.   Chest Pack

–       Smoothens the thoracic organs.

–       Expectorants.

11.     Acupuncture

–       Removes the blockages & balances the flow of Prana (chi).

–       Pain reliever.

–       Sedative.

–       Improves the immune system.

12.    Natural Diet

–       Balanced Diet.

–       Helps to build the body.

–       Gives energy.

–       Protects the body from all the diseases.

–       Eliminates toxins from the body.

–       Improves the immunity.

–       Increases the digestive power.

13.     Chromo therapy

–       Tonifies the skin.

–       Balances the physiological process.

–       Sedative.

–       Vitamin ‘D’ metabolism.

14.     Physiotherapy

–       Relieves the pain (Analgesic).

–       Lubricates all joints.

–       Prevents the muscles wasting.

–       Stimulates the Muscles & Nervous.

15.      Under-Water Massage

–       Sedative.

–       Tones up the nervous & Muscular system.

–       Improves the Elimination.


  • Drink 3-4 glasses of water soon after rising from the bed in the morning and about 3 litres of water per day.
  • Fast a day in a week or fortnight and take enema next day morning.
  • Eat according to your hunger but fill only 3/4 of your stomach.
  • Take bath twice a day with cold/natural water.
  • Avoid drinking water during meals, half an hour before meals and one hour after meals.
  • Eat slowly, calmly and chew well.
  • Eat more raw food, sprouts, fresh green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, salads, juices, fresh chutney daily.
  • Eat to live & not live to eat.
  • Keep three hours gap between dinner and sleep, avoid late sleeping.
  • Avoid smoking, tea coffee, alcohol soft drinks, alcohol, drugs, non vegetarian food, heavy & late dinner.
  • Spend some time in laughing & singing.
  • Those who are regular in food, exercise, sleep, rest, never fall sick.
  • Try to avoid worries & be relaxed when going to bed.
  • Breath deeply and always keep an erect posture.
  • Practice exercise/yogasans/pranayamas for at least one hour daily

We have a duty to be Healthy

If we eat & live as nature has intended us to, there will be practically no sickness to this world . it is far more easy, far more cheaper to remain healthy than to regain health after having lost it. It is far easier & far cheaper to keep people in healthy condition then to let them fall sick & than try to bring them back to health. We must be concerned about health & healthy living.

Our governments; our society & our families are more concerned, more considerate & more prepared to incur expenditure on sickness & sick people than on health & healthy people.

Sickness is a menace to humanity. Every sick man is a liability & a burden on his family & on society as a whole. It is high time people are made to realize that, while it is good for them it be healthy. They also have a duty to be healthy. If you have good digestion, count yourself fortunate & treat it as a priceless gift of nature to be jealously guarded. It would be fully to wait till you have lost it.

If you are one of those millions & millions of men & women, who have bartered away this gift for the feeling pleasures of the plate & have become a thriving source of business for doctors & druggists, it is imperative for you to learn the ways & means of recovering it. The sooner the better.

The point to be pressed again & again is that there is no short cut to health. There is no formula. Health cannot be bought. No doctor, no chemist, no body for that matter can give it to you for love or money. You have to deserve it.

And how do you do that! The natural diet of human being is vegetarian diet.

Ø    So be a vegetarian

Ø    Your diet should be well balanced with proper combination of food.

Ø    Have exercises in fresh air as well as a good walk in fresh air & sunlight.

Ø    Do not throw away the important nutritive ingredients, vitamins & minerals by over cooking, frying, polishing, etc. take it as close to nature as possible, i.e, without devitalizing it.

Ø    Avoid use of artificial fertilizers, spraying of pesticides & insecticides. Use natural fertilizers or compost. The grain grown in this soil is more nutrifive- try it out in your garden. Do have a kitchen garden in your home.

Ø    Over-eating is harmful. Avoid food dyed with chemical dyes & chemical flavours.

Finally vegetarianism is not a fad, but a way of life based on scientific theories duly proved & capable of giving you all necessary elements, immense strength & endurance.

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