Dragon, from the earliest times to the present day these splendid mythological beasts have exercised a powerful hold on imaginations right across the globe. People born in the year of the Dragon are regarded as particularly lucky. They have a lot of live up to but then being strong, bold and impressive types they can handle it. Yet being born a Dragon doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easy life.

Frank, quick thinking and adventurous, Dragons find themselves frequently misunderstood. What the Dragon considers to be his positive trait of refreshing openness other signs seem to interpret as brutal directness.

Dragons find this genuinely puzzling. Honesty is after all usually valued and they can’t understand why their own honesty should so often get them into trouble. On the other hand, since dragons are always in too much hurry to waste time brooding and they certainly can’t stop to worry about trivialities such as couching their opinions in flowery words, they continue to upset people without meaning to.

Aggressive and persistent, dragon people tend to fiercely pursue what they desire to get. They are easily irritable and pretty stubborn as well.
On the positive side, dragons are gifted, generous and intelligent. On the negative side, they tend to get tyrannical frequently.

Families born to Dragon members are blessed with joy and good fortune for many generations to follow. The Dragon is clear and concise in decision-making and intellect. Although aloof at times, the Dragon is direct and open and dislikes evasive tactics and may be prone to them.

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