Acupressure Channels


Accupressure Channels

In traditional Chinese medicine the diagnosis and treatment are  based on the dynamic theory of energy flow. Which postulates that Qi or vital energy produced by interaction of yin and yang. This energy flow continuously in the body in a definite path or sequences called meridians or channels. There are 12 regular paired channels and two un-paired channels. The excess or deficient flow of the energy in the channels produces disease. And the purpose of Acupuncture is to restore the imbalance of this energy by puncturing the correct combination of points. The description of channels:

1.             LUNG CHANNEL (Lu):

Total points are 11. Lung channel originates from upper part of the chest and ends at the edge of the base of the nail of the thumb.

Used in disorders along the lung channel and respiratory system. Also used in disorders of Large intestine, Skin, Vascular and Neck.


Total points are 20. Large intestine channel originates from lateral edge of the base of the nail of the forefinger and ends at lateral to the nostril of the opposite side.

Used in disorders along the channel e.g. paralysis of the upper limb, frozen shoulder, respiratory disorders, high blood pressured skin disorders, therapy and surgery of thyroid gland disorders.

3.             STOMACH CHANNEL (St.):

Total points are 45. Stomach channel originates from the eye makes a “U” turns toward on the face and continues from lowest point of the “U” downwards midline along nipple abdomen and lower limb and ends at the base of the nail of the second toe.

Used in disorders along the channel e.g. face area – toothache, sinusitis, chest and breast disorders, abdomen – gastro-intestinal and menstrual disorders, lower limb – paralysis of the lower limb, disorders of the joints of the lower limb and spleen.

4.             SPLEEN CHANNEL (SP):

Total points are 21. Spleen channel originates from medial side of the big Toe of the leg and it runs up the medial side of the leg and the front the abdomen to end on the side of the chest.

Used in disorders along the channel e.g. genital disorders, disorders of the. spleen, pancreas, and digestive disorders, metabolic, skin, perineal, external genital and pelvic, immune mechanism and tissue disorders.

5.             HEART CHANNEL (H):

Total points are 9. Heart channel originates from in the center of the axils of the big toe of the leg and it runs up the medial side of the leg and the front the abdomen to end on the side of the chest.

Used in disorders along the channel, heart diseases, mental disorders e.g., anxiety, hysteria, schizophrenia, insomnia, epilepsy, tremors, Parkinsonism, speech disorders and autonomic disturbances e.g. increased sweating.


Total points are 19. Small intestine channel originates at the medial side of the base of the little finger and runs over the back of the shoulder, the side of the neck, to the side of the face and to end in front of the ear.

Used in disorders along the channel e.g. swelling of the cheek, stiff neck, sore throat, derides of the small Intestine.


Total points are 67.This channel begins at the medial corner of the eye and runs over the top of the head, neck, trunk, reaches coccyx, thereafter descends on the of the leg, passes over the buttock and postural thigh and then descends over calf muscles and reaches foot ending near lateral corner of the little toe-nail.

Used in disorders along the channel, eye disorders, back shu points connecting 12 internal organs, backache, genito-urinary disorders, muscular cramps, local disorders etc.

8.             KIDNEY CHANNEL (K):

Total points are 27. This channel begins at the sole of the foot travels towards ankle, makes a loop, passes along the popliteal fossa, reaches the thigh and front of abdomen and ends in the upper part of the chest.

Used in disorders along the channel, genito-urinary disorders, low back pain, paralysis of the lower extremities, excess lung disorders, excessive sweating, convulsions and other acute emergencies. Bone cartilage and nail disorders, ear disorders, alopecia (hair fall).

9.             PERICARDIUM CHANNEL (P):

Total points are 9. This channel commencing 1 cun lateral to the nipple, it runs along the front of the upper limb between the lung channel and the heart channel and ends at the top of the middle finger.

Used in disorders along the channel, Heart diseases, especially angina, pectoris, palpitation, disorders of rhythm, upper abdominal disorders such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, nausea, vomiting morning sickness, mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, nervous instability.

10.          SANJIAO CHANNEL (S.J.):

Total points are 23. This channel commencing in the ring finger. The channel runs proximally on the back of the upper limb between radius and the ulna, from the tip of the shoulder it runs side of the neck, circles around the root of the external ear ends at outer corner of eyebrow.

Used in disorders along the channel, ear disorders. constipation, pain in the shoulders, and back of the chest and eye disorders.

11.          GALL BLADDER CHANNEL (G.B):

Total points are 44. This channel runs from head to foot on the Iateral aspect of the body, starts at the outer corner of the eye and runs in front of the ears, and side of the head, neck, and lateral aspect of the neck, lower limb ends in the foot base of the 4th toe nail.

Used in disorders along the channel such as diseases of the eyes, ears, neck, mental disorders, lactation, gall bladders, liver disorders, back pain, sciatica, paralysis of the lower limb.

12.          LIVER CHANNEL (Liv):

Total points are 14. This channel originates from big toe and runs over the dorsum of the foot then ascending further along the medial aspect of the thigh it reaches the inguinal region; from here it courses to the tip of the 11th rib and ends between 6th and 7th rib.

Used in disorders along the channel, Disorders of the liver, eye disorders, muscle and tendon, genito-urinary, gall bladder and spleen disorders, headache and mental disorders.

13.          DU CHANNEL (Du):

Total points are 28. This channel starts in the back midline from the anus to the mouth. The Du channel is one of the two un-paired channels other being the Ren channel. These two midline channels are also classified with the eight extra channels. Du channel has controlling influence on all yang channels.

Used in disorders of immune system, infective, mental and neurological disorders, oral, ano-rectal disorders, low backache.

14.          REN CHANNEL (Ren):

Total points are 24. This channel starts in the front midline, from the front of the anus to below the mouth. It has control influencing over Yin channels. It has influence on the reproductive system.

Used in disorders along the pathway of the channel, such as genito-urinary and gastro-intestinal disorders, heart and lung disorders, aphasia, aphonia dysarthria, facial paralysis excessive salivation.


Apart from the regular points, we have extra ordinary points, which are commonly used for treatment.

Working time of Acupressure Channels/ Meridians

Acupressure Channels/ meridians have its own working time. They are active on times & are more effective in that particular time. If the treatment or pressure on the particular point of particular meridian is given, it will give a miracle effect to the person.

Name of Meridian           Active Time

                                                                                            AM     PM     AM

  1. Lungs Meridian (Lu)                                          3-5
  2. Large Intestine Meridian (LI)                              5-7
  3. Stomach Meridian (S)                                       7-9
  4. Spleen Meridian (Sp)                                        9-11
  5. Heart Meridian (H)                                                11-1
  6. Small Intestine Meridian (SI)                                       1-3
  7. Urinary Bladder Meridian (UB)                                    3-5
  8. Kidney meridian (K)                                                   5-7
  9. Pericardium Meridian (P)                                           7-9
  10. Triple Warmer Meridian (Sanjiao) (TW/ SJW)              9-11
  11. Gall Bladder Meridian (GB)                                  11-1
  12. Liver Meridian (L)                                                               1-3
  13. Du Meridian (Governing Meridian) (GV)                        24 Hours
  14. Ren Meridian (Conceptional Meridian) (CV)                  24 Hours

How to give pressure on the Acupressure Points

To press the acupressure point is a technique. The pressure should be given with the right thumb on the affected point, from the very upward position. Generally, there are three techniques to give pressure:

  1. Pumping: A straight pressure to the point like a pump; light & hard pressure simulataneouly.
  1. Tonifying/ stimulative: Pressurize the point anti-clockwise to stimulate the point. This pressure is directed to the centre of the body.
  1. Sedative: Pressurizing the point clockwise to sedate the point. The pressure should be spreaded away from the centre of the body.

Generally, the acupressure treatments are taken 3 -15 minutes depending upon the severity of the disease.

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