The Mount Of Sun:

Qualities = Brilliancy, fruitfulness, success.


Positive – (July 21st – Aug 20th – Aug 28th)

When large or well developed – glory, publicity, a desire to shine, enthusiasm for the beautifulness, whether one is artistic or not, expensive temperament, generous & luxurious, forceful personality, sympathetic even to an extreme, great force of character.


They often hide the sypatheticness, because of strong sense of trying to force people to do right work. They cheer others but cannot cheer themselves & often fall victims to gloom & melancholy.


Negative – (Jan 21st – Feb 18 – Feb 25th)

Seldom attract wealth, usually excellent in business & financial plans but more for others, find great pleasure in public ceremonies & meetings & theatres, have power of argument, eloquence & influence in debate.

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