Vaastu & Energy

As per a Vedic Hymn “Vaastu reva Vaastu” meaning all material forms of the Universe are all energies. The Earth is a living organism with a lot of consciousness permeating through every atom. Vaastu teaches us ways to turn the energy into material forms. This is the prime quality of the free space that surrounds us and dwells in us. If we live in harmony with the subtle nature, both our physical and mental well being will be safeguarded.

So, let your door open to Vaastu — prosperity will follow. Energy is the very essence of life.

Important Elements of Energy are as follows:
· Gravitational Force
· Electro-magnetic radiations
· Strong nuclear force
· Weak nuclear force
· Pranic force or “prana”
All these forces produce various types of energies – potential, kinetic, magnetic, etc. Some of these energies directly affect the human body and mind. Pranic energy is prevalent throughout the universe in every material of the world, be it solid, liquid or gases. Probably this is the source of all the other energies. This is explained clearly in the Vedas and Upanishads.
Effect of Energy Radiations
Every material in the Universe radiates some energy at its own specific frequencies. This energy may be positive or negative. Positive energy is beneficial and negative is harmful. Vaastu aims at maximizing the generation and accumulation of positive energy around the humans and minimize the negative energy. This is done by ensuring the abundance of the following:
A. Light – Sufficient natural light for comfortable living.
B. Air – Pure fresh air continuously blowing in and out of the house.
C. Water – for drinking and living.
D. Energy concentration of different shapes and forms by using proper positive material.
Benefits of living in a highly positive atmosphere
1. People live happily in pleasant atmosphere.
2. People’s intelligence and positive thinking will increase. Positive thinking leads to positive results so prosperity comes.

Vaastu utilizes a number of methods for concentration of positive energy and avoiding negative energies. The most important point to be taken care of is stored energy. The stored energy in any place should be positive.

Vaastu and Magnetic Energy

Earth’s magnetic field has a great effect on living beings, though it is experienced at a very low level. Vastu Shastra emphasises onthis effect of the magnetic field by saying that houses should generally face in the direction of the geo-magnetic field (East in the case of India).
The axis of the Earth is slanted at an angle to the plane of its orbit. Geo-magnetic field degree of inclination of the Globe is 17 degrees rotated from its natural axis to Geo-magnetic axis towards the sun. The Gravitational force has clear attachment with Geo-Magnetic field and will differ in different planes from place to place.
More than the magnetic field, the interaction of the universal energy with the earth’s magnetic field produces and some times amplifies universal “Pranic” energy present everywhere.
The declination and inclination of earth’s magnetic field vary from area to area due to various minerals and objects and also depends on the longitude of the place.
The strength and polarity of these radiations depend on the particular shape or form and the type of material used in building that shape or form.

Vaastu and Shapes.

Shapes and forms influence our lives in a very important manner. We see shapes but we are not aware of the importance of designing the structures. We do not know how they enrich our lives and that they have some properties which are useful and interact within us.
The sages already had the knowledge about shapes and their effects. There are two forms of shapes (a) Symmetric and (b) Asymmetric. The shape of the land with either protruded or depressed areas have certain geometric implications on the locations. This is the reason Vaastu Shastra is particular about shapes of the rooms and buildings.
Perfectly uniform shapes like squares and rectangles produce high positive energies so long as they are not made up of negative material. The energy levels get amplified by use of positive materials. Many of the odd shapes produces negative energy level.
Even colorful Rangoli and Alpana which is put in the Indian houses produce positive radiations.
The most important principle of Vaastu is concentration of Energy. The whole universe is controlled by Positive and Negative Pranic Energy. This energy is called by various names Chi, Ki, Mana, force, etc.

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