Understanding the Symbols

Reiki Healing:


  1. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen:
  • Hon (1-5) means center, origin.
  • Sha (6-7) means Shining.
  • Ze (8-15) means to go to right place or side.
  • Sho (16-18) means target.
  • Nen (19-22) means Peaceful, to know inner-self.

The complete meaning of ‘Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen’ is the intelligent person knowing his/ her origin, sends message on the shiny, right path to the targeted person to his peaceful inner-self, which shines his life. Hence, it makes a bridge between the two emotions.

  1. Sei He Ki:
  • Sei (1) means closed position.
  • He-Ki (2-4) means Mooladhar Chakra, which needs balance.

That means, the unbalanced positions are treated by the symbol ‘Sei He Ki’ and it removes obstructions from the physical, mental and emotional body through Mooladhar Chakra and creates a balanced position over there.

  1. Cho Ku Rei:
  • Cho (1) means to get forceful right path.
  • Ku (2) means to enter and go deep inside to the root.
  • Rei (3) means to increase the power and stopping the unnecessary emotions to come inside.

‘Cho Ku Rei’ is a catalyst. It comes forcefully to the right direction, from where it goes to the root cause of the disease and increases its activity by which no negative emotions can enter into its three circles.


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