The Moon in Aries

People with the moon in Aries in their birth charts have a deep, unquenchable yearning for leadership. They long for all material signs of power. The satisfaction of the spirit does not pacify them and they want to enjoy the authority and often the luxury that goes with power.

Sometimes this position makes all this possible, for the moon in Aries give originality of thought, brilliant, flashing ideas, and a constantly changing mental picture. People with this kind of a mind can frequently turn these ideas into money or into channels that lead to the position that they are so earnestly seeking.

The moon in Aries gives the native an irritable disposition. These people are brisk and snappy, with sudden outbursts of temper followed by sharp repartee and biting comments. Words flare up in them like flames, and when angry they find themselves able to express themselves with even more gusto than when completely at ease.

People with the moon in Aries are seldom calm for any length of time. Everything that interests them excites them. They build up mental pictures of social giants that they intend to slay, and even when their impulses lead them into more everyday channels of thought and action, they dream of “more worlds to conquer”.

With the Moon in Aries, one has an emotional need for action and independence. The individual might get bored angry easily. When under stress these people will seek a challenge and time to be on their own. As an adult, they feel emotionally safer when there’s a lot of activity and action going on and around. They tend to be an initiator in their surroundings, and doing anything is much preferable to sitting around and doing nothing. Like they say: “When the times get tough, the tough get going.”

The moon has great power over the love nature, and often has a principal hand in shaping the mental responses to romantic love and physical urge. Posted in Aries, the moon gives the native a keen delight in the quest for love. To such a person it is a hunt, and the thrill lies in the advance, retreat and chase. It is an artful mental game of hide-n-seek far more delightful to the hunter than the passionate fulfillment. The peak of this type of passion may not be hot, but it will be very brief.

In a woman’s horoscope, this position tends to bring uncertainty into the love life. It gives her a somewhat masculine outlook in love matters, making her too changeable, moody, whimsical and flirtatious.  On the other hand the position of the moon often tends to attract to the woman a man very like her own in temperament.

In the horoscope of a man with moon in Aries, the love nature is apt to be subject to many ups and downs. Natives are likely to meet with all sorts of disappointments and even disillusion.

The moon in whatever position it is found to play a vital part in the health of the person. In Aries, it gives a zest for life, excitement and enthusiasm.

Even though the moon in Aries stresses the material aims, the spiritual trends of so idealistic and soaring an urge must not be forgotten. The particular message of the spirit imparted by Luna in this position is an intense striving for concrete physical improvements in the life created out of rare thoughts, which are meant to triumph over a disappointing world.

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