The Moon in Libra

Persons with Moon in Libra are known for their charm and social grace, and they have a natural talent for winning friends and influencing people. They use their good manners, kindness, and considerate nature to charm others and to make the right impression.

They present an image of total balance and harmony, but actually they perpetually struggle to achieve this impossible state. They can never achieve it precisely because they can see all sides of the picture. The scale cannot balance if it is constantly dipping from side to side. As far as physical weaknesses, the main problem areas for natives of this Moon placement are the kidneys and allergies.

Moon in Libra brings with it an appreciation for the finer things in life. Partly because of this, natives with this Moon placement do well in such professions as law, architecture, politics, the arts, and even homemaking. Men with this placement are attracted to very gracious and feminine women. Females with this placement usually find a good marriage in their life, although it may not be the first one.

Others often come to the people with the moon in the Libra for advice, and they do have a knack for helping to solve their problems. Again, this is because they can see both sides of a situation clearly. Others also can apply the advice the Librans give to others.

These people have a talent for rearranging their environment to make it more pleasant. They find life to be continually stimulating and exciting and should find a partner who has the same outlook. The moon in this position gives artistic temperament, creative ability, a high type of mental understanding, but no executive ability, and little strength of character. The person is not very dependable and somewhat treacherous. Emotionally they are apt to be a puzzle. They look refined, chaste in habits and exceedingly selective. Actually they are voluptuous, deceptive in habits, with a voracious physical appetite.

For women, this position allows more latitude. If they are engaged in the arts, the temperament is considered a rightful part of their make-up, and their success or failure is based upon the amount of application and stamina used to aid them in their work. They are domestic in the accepted sense of the word, but they naturally adore love and marriage. Usually these women are so pretty and have so much charm that marriage is a foregone conclusion. However, the instability and weaknesses of the figure sometimes  order a fatalistic ending to even this ambition.

For men the moon in Libra has many temperamental drawbacks to success. It makes them changeable, too soft and too indeterminate. They are not sufficiently masculine or ruthless to insure success, and even when their lifework is suitable, and they are succeeding financially, their romantic experiences are often immoral and sometimes perverted. And with all lunations, there are plenty of natives leading well-ordered, normal lives, but the percentage of irregularity is found with the moon in Libra.

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