Power Of Gems


Gems have enormous power as far as astrology is concerned. From very ancient times it is believed that Gems have curative as well as other powers, which influence an individual according to his zodiac for better or for the worse. Gems if chosen properly, is said to change the stars for the betterment of one’s future and if they are not suited to a person their effect can be adverse. Hence, if one chooses to wear a gem for one’s betterment, he should be very careful before using it.

At Work: A Gem suited to an individual is capable of bringing out the best in him or her. One’s positive qualities get highlighted and they are capable of growing stronger if on wearing the right gem. One’s weak areas are also benefited through gems. Much work comes out to be fruitful and one can reach tremendous heights of achievement satisfaction in work place. Promotions that were held up due to an assortment of factors can soon move towards a favorable outcome.

At Home: Wearing a Gem also influences the home front. Be it some problem surfacing the marital front or problems with property. Any problem with the family is taken care of with the help of appropriate gem.

Love & Romance: The effect of the right kind of gem can have phenomenal impact on one’s love life. If one is waiting for somebody to come closer in love or matrimony, a Gem can bring the momentous moment of meeting closer. If romance in one’s life begins to pall, a gem could wonders. A gem can ensure that alliances riddled by uncertainties become more solid, and it helps add a special luster to stable relationships.

At Business: Business can prosper and finances can soar skywards at a rapid pace if one wears the right gem. Opportunities to improve on business and financial prospects can become abundant through an unexpected chain of events. Market conditions can tend to be favorable and the financial grapevine can provide one with excellent tips.

Health: The wearing of the right kind of Gem leads one to avoid various health problems. If one desires a slimmer figure, greater resistance to infections and a good health, it’s better to go for the right kind of gem.



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