Astrological Profile


What Does Your Personal Profile Tell You?

Astrology is about you. It is not an obscure science meant to understood by a select few. Rather, it’s a tool for greater self-understanding, allowing you to move through life with a clearer perspective on your experiences and those of the people around you. Real Astrology goes far beyond the Star Sign — or Sun Sign — Astrology that is so prevalent in newspapers and magazines worldwide. Such Astrology is far too general to be of any real use to specific people, and it does not do real Astrology justice. It is used mainly for entertainment purposes.

Astrology is, in fact, based on all of the Planets and the Moon, not just the Sun. An Astrological Chart is a map of the heavens at the exact moment of your birth; it is like a photograph of the sky with all the Celestial Bodies — the Sun, Moon and Planets — in their respective positions. In real Astrology, everything is taken into account: the positions of the planets within the Zodiac, as well as their relation to each other and to the Sun and Moon. All of these energies affect you, and in some cases the combined energy of several Bodies can be more powerful than the Sun’s position alone. They can even outweigh the Sun’s influence. Additionally, no two Astrological Charts are identical, even for twins; your Chart is as unique to you as are your fingerprints.

Many people are afraid of purchasing an Astrological Profile full of arcane Astrological jargon that is too difficult to understand without a great deal of study or professional help. A well-written Profile will explain technical terms in detail, providing a clear, plain analysis of the chart. True comprehension of your Profile requires that you understand how the Astrological interpretation applies to you!

Astrological Profiles can serve many purposes in your life.

They can provide personal insight. Reflecting on their meaning, you can learn more about yourself through self-analysis. Profiles help you to understand your tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.

Skeptics and believers alike can use their charts or horoscopes as a jumping-off point for deeper exploration of the Self, examining each point of the chart or horoscope with respect to the truth of what they claim.

Astrological Profiles have great entertainment value, providing hours of fun and insightful information to talk about with friends, lovers and relatives — Astrology is something to which everyone can relate! Many people appreciate Profiles as gifts, especially for significant birthdays, weddings and the birth of children.

Astrological Profiles are useful not only for people; they can shed light on businesses, political events, even on your pets!


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