Moon Sign Overview

The moon shares importance with the sun in one’s horoscope.  The moon influences one’s personality and determines the kind of person one is. While one’s solar horoscope points out the strength and position of the sun, the position of the moon determines in one his or her personality, feeling, emotions, passions, pleasure and pain. Sometimes the sun is found in a sign where it is weak, and does not give the personality the strength to mark it indelibly. The sun is notably weak in Libra and Aquarius. The Moon is a satellite of the Earth and nearest to the Earth, and as such has a remarkably strong effect on the life of this planet. The Moon is the planet of the unconscious mind, habits and emotions. The aspects and position of the Moon in a natal chart indicate the subject’s way of dealing with the influence of others.

In Indian astrology, monthly forecasts are often made on the basis of the transits of planets from the natal Moon. The Moon thus occupies a pivotal position in the Indian system of astrology.


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