All About Eastern Site

Eastern Main – Nature’s Boon

The sun rises in the East. It is the main source of life, giving light and energy, without which life is unimaginable or a Utopia.

East Wind: The east wind is auspicious and heart stealing or of charming effect. So the east has an important place in Vaastu and impressed upon having main door towards the east, besides the windows and verandahs of the house. The crops will yield better due to healthy effect of the east wind. The pulses, Millet, Soya and Rye etc. yield cent percent when the east wind blows favorably.

The Sun-light: The diameter of the sun is 8,65,380 miles. Powerful flames from the surface of the sun are sprouting up incessantly with a speed of 200 to 300 miles per second. It is releasing 3.7 x 1026 watts of heat energy per second; which part out of two billions the earth receives only one. This energy is sufficient to keep up the vegetation, trees and living organisms. It turns the water into vapor, which ultimately forms clouds and brings in rain. The scientists proved that sunrays have many positive effects on human body; by forming vitamin ‘D’ for nourishment and resistance.

The light rays, produced artificially, have a temporary use, while the sun light has long lasting clinical effect upon all living beings, especially on human body and to kill the bacteria such as tuberculosis etc., and other many kinds of diseases.

The sunrays are composed of seven colors, viz., VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red – that improves the power of resistance in the body and energize it.

Out of the seven, the green, red, blue and orange colors are most useful and effective to the body.

Green: It gives heat and energy to the body to resist against the severe heat and cold. It helps the skin and kidneys to function well in order.

Red: It is basically hot. It helps to build a healthy and sound body.

Blue: It has the cooling effect on the body; which maintains mental equilibrium and calm. It keeps the skin free of diseases.

Orange: It helps to keep the mind and body fresh and keeps up health. It helps the digestion and cures the pains in joints and muscles. It avoids iodine deficiency in the body. But this color is available in the sunrays only in first one-hour of sunrise. Hence our good old people adviced to do Soorya Namaskaras – a classical oriental exercise – soon after the dawn, without delay. It is an alma medica for best physique.

Sun Light Clinics: While sunrays produces vitamin ‘D’ in the body, it also cures many diseases of eyes. Standing in morning sun with eyes wide open for five minutes, close them tightly and rub them softly. It may be repeated for five to ten times. This will cure watering, short-sight, eyesores and itches. Look at the sun through green leaves, and close them with hands for a while and retreat into the shade. Open the eyes and repeat the same action for five to ten times and clean the eyes with cold water. This will strengthen the eyelids and optic nerves, which will improve the eyesight. Besides this, eating carrot and Green Vegetables daily along-with Milk and Fruit-juice will make the body healthy and sound.

Thus the sun is the main source and resource for health, peace and prosperity, who rises in the East, the direction of first importance in Vaastu. Hence, Vaastu insists upon the full usage of the sunrays in our abode, for which the house should be constructed with an open main-door in the east, so that the above benefits of the sun be accomplished.

Planetary Profile

At dawn the nature is pure and pious, with charming and alluring wind and sight. Soon after the neutral hour, i.e., after 3-30 to 4-00 A.M. the natural sanity is most heart-throbbing, while the water in the river or tank or lake will be pure and unspoiled, of moderate temperature, which is soothing to mind and body.

At that tome, standing in novel-deep water, while the sun begins to rise, the slanting sunrays will make a clinical effect, on the abdomen and chest, refracting through the water-drops, poured in oblation to the sun. it will be affectionate to the eyes. The orange rays make cooling and soothing effect on the heart.

The rays, refracted through water, strengthen the lower parts of the body-waist, things and feet. It improves the blood circulation because of the warm water.

Hence the oblation or prefacing to the sun, is considered to be a holy-thing and healthy act of performance.

  • What’s The Eastern Site

The village or town will consist of many streets, with habitats or houses on both sides of it. A place along side a street or road meant for building a house, is called a site. All the sites in between northeast and southeast blocks, with a road in the east, said to be eastern sites/ blocks. It is advised to select a rectangular or square block among them.

The people, who want to build a house in an eastern block, should not bother about Aayam etc.  The natural phenomenon only should be taken into consideration and the house be built in.

v     Gradients and Elevations

The eastern site of a plot or a verandah or a room should be sloped as it bestows name and fame to the owner of the house, according to its gradation. The eastern land can be acquired, provided, it is lowered than our plot and stands to northeast of the existing plot.

When the eastern side is elevated or high, it will stand as an obstruction in the way of sunlight, and makes an evil effect on the household, making the owner poor and the lineage insane. The head of the family will lose the ability of administration and planning for the family.

Thus an obstacle in the east, abstains the head and makes him assonant.

v     Extension and Contraction

It augurs well, if the eastern northeast or northern northeast or simply northeast to this site is extended. But the extension in eastern southeast or southeast is inauspicious. It augurs evil when the eastern northeast is truncated; but contraction in eastern southeast will become useful. Hence it is better to rectify the site or prepare it according to the need of the house as per Vaastu.

v     Closure and Opening

Some people used to keep open the northeastern corner without roof assuming that it will be useful to get sunlight more, thus making northern northwest and eastern southeast closed. This phenomenon harms most. Thereby, when the parapet wall is constructed on the terrace, the northeast will be cut. Hence it is not advisable to disclose the northeast. When it is desired, to kept open from eastern northeast to eastern southeast on eastern side, the roof should be cut down equally.

Some used to build the house with a pillar in the northeast, without walls on either side of it, making it an evil as per Vaastu. When the house is constructed according to the road, the wall built towards north of the northeastern pillar, will close the north side and avoid the evil Vaastu.

Beware in mind that northeast or southeast to this plot, should never be closed.

Constructing bathroom, toilet, poultry or cattle-shed in the northeast will close the corner. Hence, such kind of rooms or sheds be avoided in that corner. No enclosure be done even in east or eastern southeast, too.

Similarly the southeast will be closed, if such constructions are made in that corner. It is not advisable to construct the house truncated in the eastern northeast. This will decrease its power of virtue and leads to many a disaster. As for eastern southeast, it can be cut off for the site, not to the house, it will increase the open space in southeast than northeast. This is against the tenets of vaastu, and will weaken the northeastern bountiful power and will give the baneful effect.

v     The Construction of the House

After considering all the bountiful and baneful effects of the site, the house should be built according to tenets of Vaastu. All the directions to the site be checked and rectified to suit hearth, bath and sheath. Ample precaution should be taken while constructing a house in eastern site.

The pails located outside in east should be less elevated than the floor level of the house. When the roof is built of RCC slab, balcony, at least two feet wide, must be built in east and north. This will make an open space in east and north on the terrace. Balcony in south and west, is not a must.

Even though the house, facing east, occupies the entire plot with no vacant space in north or even in south, the house proves to be beneficial, provided the house adheres to the tenets of Vaastu.

When the house is built right on eastern border, leaving vacant space in west, it results in loss or absence of male progeny. The survivors may suffer mentally or physically.

If the house facing east is constructed right on the eastern border, with a slanting roof-level projection towards west, the inhabitants will suffer with eye diseases, chronic illness and paralysis. Some used to construct a house in U form. In this plot U form building be constructed in south, west and north leaving the east open.

This will yield good results, only when the vacant space in the middle of the building is a perfect rectangle.

v     The Compound

The compound is a safety valve to the house. It is essential to have our own compound, to have good results of Vaastu. In absence of the compound, the neighboring construction will bear upon us and become heavy in the east.

If the neighbor has built the house on the boundary, it is advised to build a wall, leaving a space of at least three inches to the neighbor’s wall, of four inches wide and four feet high.

The wall in the west, should be higher than the wall in east, which is beneficent. Contrary to it will effect the progeny. However, it is better to have the same height on four sides.

To avoid ill effects, the compound wall in front of the main door of the east facing house, should be less elevated, so that the main door is visible from the road.

v     Doors

The main door of the house should be fixed as per the tenets of Vaastu. The remaining will be set automatically. The main door should be fixed towards north in the exalted position of east, i.e., in northeast to reap bountiful results.

There will be common good effect, if the door is fixed facing north. If it faces northeast, it will ensure continuance of lineage, peace and prosperity. Hence the doors facing eastern northeast are most beneficial. Avoid the doors facing eastern southeast, as they lead to court litigation and poverty.

v     Windows

A window is sufficient towards south of house to the main entrance in exalted eastern northeast. When the doors are in a line to all the rooms in eastern exalted position a window may be fixed to the room in the western end if a door is not provided. If there is an adjacent building in west, there is no need of a window.

The windows should be in exalted positions or in the middle of the walls, with no restriction of number to a room, except be avoided in exiguous position.

v     Gates

In accordance with the tenets of vaastu, when a house is constructed in the southwestern part of the eastern site, the open space in east will be more than the west. Generally the gates after provided to such houses in front of the main-doors, which will become exiguous being in eastern southeast. As such a gate in exalted eastern northeast becomes a must.

When only one gate is sufficient, it may be put in exalted eastern northeast only. This will ensure prosperity, owing to northeastern movement.

There is no hard and fast rule, that the gate should be quite in front of the main entrance. Sometimes the road in the east of the site may run along increasing the eastern northeast direction. As such the eastern northeast will increase to the site. Then it becomes essential to build the compound along with the road only. When a gate is erected in that compound it will face eastern southeast. Instead of that the gate should be provided in the compound, so that the either sides of it are equal in distance from the house. It will face the east and bestow good fortunes.

v     In-let in a Gate

Generally a big gate is erected scientifically in an exalted position of the compound of a house. But it is not possible to keep it open all the while except for car or heavy traffic. So a small in-let is provided for general personal movement in that big gate.

To a gate in exalted east, the in-let be put in north to make northeastern movement, which will augur well. When it is provided in south of it, the debilitated movement will bear disasters upon.

v     The Stairs

The staircase should be in the eastern southeast, away from the compound wall. It should be constructed in such a way that the steps should proceed from north to south and progress towards north after landing, facilitating entry into first floor through the eastern northeast balcony in an exalted position.

The internal staircase be provided in any rooms in northeast and southwest, at least 3″ away from eastern wall. The steps should proceed from north to south. The steps may be provided, leaving a space of 3″ to the southern wall, stepping up from east to west.

When the bathroom or toilet or storeroom is constructed under the landing of the staircase, such a construction increases the eastern southeast to the house, against the tenets of Vaastu. This will lead to evil results. To avoid this defect of vaastu a wall in line with the house, be built in eastern northeast, to touch the balcony or even a pillar will be sufficient.

v     Well or Borewell

Every meticulous care should be taken in sinking  a well in the site. The shape of the well can be square or round, below the ground level, but it must be round above the ground. If it is built in a square shape, any of its corner will become a thrust to the house.

The platform around the well should not be elevated than plinth level of the house and the level of the arena in southwest. It should not touch the walls in east and north.

The well, as per vaastu, should be in northeast of the site, i.e., eastern northeast or northern northeast. A well or a borewell can be sunk in the east of this eastern site. When the well can’t be sunk in northeast, it can be provided in the east.

One should see that the well or borewell should not fall in front of any door.

v     Bathroom

The bathroom to this house can be provided in the open space towards east, in line with the house. The space between the house and the bathroom should be less than the space in between the bath and the compound wall.

v     Toilet

The toilet for this house can be provided in southeast, in line with the house and away from the house and the compound wall. The septic tank can be sunk in middle of the eastern side. Care should be taken that it should not fall in front of any door.

v     Gober Gas Plant

The plant, for this house, can be provided in the middle of eastern side.

The entire eastern lateral part may be divided into nine equal parts. After leaving two parts towards northeast and two parts towards southeast, the pit for the plant may be excavated in the middle of the remaining five parts, duly ensuring that it does not fall in front of any door. If the pit is excavated in southeast, the results will be horrible.

v     Slanting Projections – Rooms

The slanting projection towards east should not originate above roof level but below the roof. In respect of slanting projection in east, a room can be constructed in eastern southeast and the door should be provided in northern exalted position. A room should not be constructed in northeast, which will close that direction and lead to disaster.

v     Eastern Street Trust

Generally there will be street trusts and thrusts in eastern in eastern northeast, eastern southeast, western southwest, western northwest, northern northwest and northern northeast. There is a possibility that the street focus may appear from east, north, south and west, too. When there is a street trust from east, it augurs very well as per Vaasthu. If it happens from exalted east, it bears favors and fans. Contrary to be a thrust and effects badly.

v     Commercial Buildings

All business establishments facing east should adhere to the tenets of Vaastu, noted below.

The flooring should be leveled from west to east and south to and the owner should have his seat in southeast, away from the eastern wall abutting the southern southeast wall, should face the north. The cash box should put on his left. He can sit in the corner with the face towards east. Then the cash box is to be put on his right. No pails of any kind should be built. Table and chair can be used, if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable. At any cost, never sit in northeast or northwest of the shop. If possible, one can sit in the southeast, on a pail or in a chair facing east or north. However one can sit on the floor by elevating a bit in southeast, too.

The steps should be arranged in northeast or all alongside the east completely. The pail can be built from eastern  southeast to the middle of the east and the steps be arranged in northeast, extended up to northern northeast.

When it is desired to build a shop in the housing plot, that can be built in southeast. An “L” shaped wall be built to separate the place in the corner and after leaving space in between the “L” shape wall and shop can be built in side.

The ‘Balance’ be erected on a pedestal alongside western and southern walls.

Show cases, stands, bags, loaded cartons and all the other heavy articles should not be placed in northeast. In case a shop has two shutters, one in northeast should be kept open, while the other in southeast, be closed or both of them kept open. Never the shutter in northeast be closed by keeping open the shutter in south east.

Same rules will apply to the wooden doors also.

v     General

The car shed should be constructed in line with the main house, in southeast, away from the eastern wall and the wall of the house.

The water tub/ tank can be arranged under or above the ground in north or east, away from the walls in east and north.

The tub of cattle drink can be arranged in southeast, northwest or southwest away from the eastern and northern walls. However it should not fall in front of a door.

Trees: Thorny trees such as Zyzyphus and Acacia Arabica should not be grown in the plot. Though Vaastu is not concerned to Botany, it is not out of place to note that such kind of thorny trees will be harmful, as the young and the old will be moving in the surroundings of the house. If necessary precautions are taken, there is no harm, in growing them.

Hefty trees like neem and tamarind can be grown in the plot, when it is sufficiently open. They should not be in eastern northeast or northern northeast. Similarly the coconut trees etc., also can be grown in the arena, from southern southwest to southern southeast and from western southwest to western northwest. Small plants, flowery or the other kind or saplings, can be grown in northeast.

Ideal East Home/Plot

Golden Proverbs about Eastern Plots

v    Eastern entrance – A bountiful concurrence.

v    Door in eastern southeast – Endangers health, causes theft and unrest.

v    East to southern southwest movement – Inauspicious to female inhabitant.

v    East to western southwest movement – Bewitches the male host with unrest.

v    Doors from west to east in line – Ushers precious glory to the host with benign.

v    Movement from east to western northwest – Brings illness to the whole family nest.

v    Movement from eastern southeast to west – Leads the host to detriment.

v    Eastern gate – Ensures regular feast.

v    Gate in eastern southeast – A spear in the chest.

v    Gate in eastern northeast install – Invite peace and prosperity to all.

v    Western walls higher than that of east – Happier the inmates with riches fast.

v    Awry eastern wall – Worries the male in all.

v    Stairs from east to west – Earn glory to the host.

v    Annexation of eastern plots – Appreciation of glory and wealth a lot.

v    More open place in west than east – Affects the capabilities of male for the least.

v    Right on eastern boundary construction – Details pleasures and comforts to destruction.

v    House projecting into eastern street – Makes the host a leader, none to beat.

v    Flow of water towards eastern northeast – Attracts health and wealth into the nest.

v    Drainage pipe in east – Peace and prosperity to host.

v    Drainage pipe in eastern southeast – Proves baneful to the children most.

v    Drain pipe in eastern northeast – Ushers health and wealth to male foremost.

v    Eastern main door facing northeast – Enhances lineage & riches, never to lost.

v    Eastward bathroom – Is peaceful life boom.

v    Eastern bedroom – Prefer when there’s no other room.

v    Placing the head towards east – Ensures health at its best.

v    Arrange hearth in eastern southeast – Derive happiness and riches apart.

v    Face not east in toilet – lose not health and become unfit.

v    In the east the septic tank – Proves beneficial as a scheduled bank.

v    Cellar in east – Is a bountiful chest.

v    Well in the east – An everlasting pleasure resort.

v    An eastern slanting projection – Improves the health of the male to perfection.

v    Room under eastern projection in southeast – Peace and prosperity boom a-mast.

v    Room under eastern projection in northeast – Hits at master’s progressive crest.

v    Cupboard in eastern portion of a room – Depicts income and brings on doom.

v    Bio-gas plant with a pit towards east – Riches and happiness comes in like a grant.

v    Road running down towards east – Keeps in happiness the residents of that area most.

v    Road running down towards west – To the inhabitants causes unrest.

v    Basil plant in eastern-down – Keeps up the health of female benign.

v    Upstairs in the east – Hits bad the host.

v    In east the overhead tank – Power of males will not rank.

v    Low-level pails in east – Blesseth the household with zest.

v    High-level pails in east in east – Fatal to the male host most.

v    Attic attached to eastern wall – Creates a lot of panic for all.

v    Grow not the trees in eastern part – Waste not Vaastu potential of entire plot.

v    Growing flower plants in east and eastern southeast – Blesseth the habitants with greater amusement.

v    The eastern northeast trees – Make the health of the male decrease.

v    Heavy items in eastern part – Keep wealth and glory apart.

v    Heaps of stones and waste material in east – Fume away wealth and health to least.

v    Eastern northeast street trust – Improves power and authority of male host.

v    Eastern street trust – Guards fortunes with faith and trust.

v    Gradient towards east – Offers health and happiness behest.

v    Land elevation in east – Fatal to health and wealth as the last.

v    Eastern southeast extension – Boosts turmoil and inflammation.

v    Extension of eastern northeast – Engraves life prosperous and zest.

v    Closure in the east – Endangers males most.

v    Close not eastern southeast – Enflame not avenues of peace and rest.

v    Uncovered east – Hoisted mast to the glory of the host.

v    Face east while praying – Embarrass health and wealth as blessing.

v    Read by facing east – Accelerate wisdom abreast.

v    Vaastu built construction – Proves to be a super-benediction.

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