Section-1: Introduction

  1. Preface to Holistic Healing
  2. Introduction to Naturopathy

Section-2: Yoga

  1. Introduction to Yoga
  2. Types of Yoga

Section-3: Asans

  1. Asans & Its Type
  2. Standing Postures
  3. Sitting Postures
  4. Lying Down Postures
  5. Shavasan & Relaxation

Section-4: Pranayam

  1. Pranayam
  2. Types of Pranayam
  3. Methods of Pranayam
  4. Bandhs

Section-5: Meditation

  1. Meditation (Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan, Samadhi)

Section-6: Shat Kriyas

  1. Shat Kriyas

Section-7: Diet

  1. Food & Nutrition
  2. Diet & Fasting
  3. Fasting – The Master Remedy
  4. Home Remedies

Section-8: Conclusion

  1. Medicinal Benefits of Whole Foods
  2. Metaphysical meaning of Various Diseases
  3. Basic Health Tips
  4. Effects of Therapies
  5. While Going…

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