All About Western Site

The Planetary Profile

Ever since the formation, the nebulae, the stars and planets are revolving and rotating endlessly. But, for the earthly beings the rotation of the earth bears something meaningful and essential for the rest or sleep and strife in day and night. It is day when the sun rises in the east and night, when the sun sets in the west; as the earth is rotating from west to east. Thus the west stands for night and rest for the living beings.

The planets in the Solar System and out of it, the nebulae and the stars, all are revolving around a central point in the space, in different orbits and expanding all the while. Whatever may be their size, shape and orbit, the common thing among them all is: they are all rotating or revolving around from west to east; i.e., they are spinning from left to right; clock-wise. The moon, the satellite to the earth, is moving around the earth and rotating around itself both in 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and 11.47 seconds. That is why the only half of the moon is always visible to the earth.

It is but natural that the things fall towards the lighter space, as the earth is gradient towards the east from the west. Hence Vaastu prescribes to put heavy articles or loads towards west.

One can have a sound and sober sleep, keeping head towards south, on the left side of the body, automatically, facing the west. This will build up a healthy body and sound mind.

What’s the Western Site

In a village or town the habitats are built along with the streets or roads in a place, which is called the site. The site with the road or street in west is called the western block. All the blocks between the northwestern and southwestern blocks are western blocks.

The site should be square or rectangular. Before proceeding with the construction, the geography and topography of the land should be understood and there after the site should be understood and there after the site should be occupied; when it fulfills the all conditions of Vaastu.

v     Gradients and Elevations

The site should not be sloped in west. Even the west of the house, arena, verandah or a room, should not be sloped towards west. This will predict evil and disasters. When the west part of the rooms, verandahs, or pandals is less elevated than the level of the floor of the house, it results into loss of health and defamation.

When the West Side of house is sloped, the drain will flow towards it, which results in chronic diseases to the residents.

If the pails in the western part of the house are more elevated than the floor level of the house, it will enhance the riches, name and fame. When the floor level of the house it will enhance the fame and name. The walls of compound in west will augur well, if they are higher.

v     Extension and Contraction

It augurs evil, if the western southwest of this site is extended. It should be corrected with the set square and the excess space is abandoned. The house should be built in the perfect rectangle so derived.

Similarly, when the site is extended in western northwest, the same may be corrected as per Vaastu to make a square or rectangle and the excess land be abandoned or given away to the others. The house may be built in the corrected site.

v     Closure and Opening

The southwest corner will be closed when the construction is made adjoining the walls in west and south. It predicts good. But when there are wells or pits of others, outside the wall, the closure of southwest will not bear well. Under exigency the construction can be done 3 inches away from the wall.

When the construction is made on north, northeast and east, leaving west, south, and southwest open, such a house will prove to be a death cell. If the construction is made on west and south it will bear unparalleled benefits.

v     The Construction

The house built on western border will augur well, when the road exists close to the site. If there is any canal in the west, the house should be built 3 inches away from the compound, built a new towards that side.

The portico in west, should be built without a pillar, lest it will become a gradient, with the pillar touching the ground. Hence the portico in west to this site, should be without pillars.

It augurs well, if the house is built with a roof level projection in west, instead of a slanting projection.

v     The Compound

The compound gives full power as per Vaastu and stands as a safety valve to the house, if it is built as per the science of Vaastu.

The western compound wall in front of the western main entrance should be more or less higher than the door.

The compound towards east and north of this site, should be less elevated than in west & south. The compound should be built without any delay, when it goes down in west, southern southwest, eastern southeast and northern northwest.

The open space within the compound towards east and north should be more than in west and south.

It may happen the neighbor in the east, would have been built his house on his western boundary. That will bear heavy on our house as it will be in eastern direction for us. Hence a compound wall of our own becomes necessary which should be built without fail. Similarly a compound wall should be built north, 3″ away from the neighboring wall 4″ wide and 4′ height.

v     Doors

There may be as many doors as possible to a house, without considering the number, but should be fixed in exalted position. Since this site is provided with a door in west, it is must have a door in east, too. It is a must for residential house but an option for shops.

The doors should not be fixed to a wall consecutively, but with a 4″ pad on either side. The frames and thresholds can be of wood or iron. The doors of the grills arches when touch the roof, will be considered as doors. The doors to the kitchen, deity room and toilet, will not be treated as doors, even they touch the roof.

The mesh or iron bars fixed to the doors outside will not be treated as doors. The doors in east and north should be equal in all manners than in west and south.

The corners of the compounds, gates and pillars of opposite houses on the other side of the road may face each other. The same should not happen in our own house, falling in front of a door or well or the tree.

v     Windows

The windows are more or less substitutes of doors, since they help for good ventilation and airflow. Hence with this prominence, they should be fixed with due care. When the main-door exists in west of this site, there must be a door in east, not a window. When the window is bigger than the door, it should be fixed quite opposite to door and be extended towards any side.

The window to the northeastern room becomes must when there’s a window to southwestern room. When there’s a window in western southwest, then there should be one western north west, too. Thus when there are two windows to a room, an almirah can be fixed in between them and they may be provided on both the sides, when the window is in the center.

v     Gates

In case of a house facing west, apart from providing a gate in front of the main entrance in west, another gate must be provided in the western northwest, in the western compound wall, in the center of the northern vacant place. The second gate is essential, because in its absence the first one will become exiguous in western south west.

While annexing the place, in the north of this house, after purchase, a gate in exalted position in northern compound may be erected or the compound may be removed completely. A gate in western northwest of the new place should be fixed. If there is a street trust in western northwest to the existing house, that will change into western Southwest Street thrust and will become inauspicious. Hence every care should be taken in finding this kind of horrors, while purchasing a new place.

When a place is acquired in east of the house, a gate in exalted in the eastern compound wall be fixed to make an entry into the eastern place.

There is no objection if the compound wall in east is completely removed.

v     Stairs

The stairs to the western house can be built out side the house towards western southwest. The steps should proceed first from north to south and then towards north, after taking a turn, to enter into the terrace in exalted position in west, through the balcony in northwest. In this case there will be a balcony in west so there must be one in east, too.

The balcony in the first floor towards east should be wider than in west. Then only the house will augur well with more open in east than in west.

When the stairs are to be provided in the rooms, it can be provided in any room, except the rooms in southwest and north east. The linear stairs along with the southern and the eastern walls can be built away from the eastern wall at least 3″. The steps should proceed from north to south and taking a turn should go up towards north to enter into the terrace in the exalted position.

When the linear stairs are built along with southern and western walls, they can be built away from or abutting the southern wall. The steps should proceed from east to west and then with a turn towards east to enter the terrace in an exalted position.

If the linear stairs are to be built along with western and southern walls, it can be built abutting or away from the western wall. The steps should go up from north to south and then turn to go up towards north to enter into the terrace in an exalted position.

If the linear steps are to be built towards north and west, the steps can be built 3 inches away from the northern wall. The steps should go up from east to west then to east after taking a turn. The entry should be made into the terrace in an exalted position.

The spiral or round stairs can be built in southern southeast to the houses facing east or west. For the houses facing north to south, it can be provided in western northwest.

The staircase should be built 6″ away, southwestern part towards north to avoid the hollow in the southwest.

The rooms under the stairs (landing), out side this house, towards western southwest, should not be built. It will augur evil, because they will be lower than the roof of the house.

v     Well or Borewell

The well is an asset to the house, which should be sunk in the place, as indicated by the science of Vaastu. A well in the western site can be provided in north, northern northeast, east or eastern northeast. When there is ample space in north it can be sunk in northern northeast; which will enhance the peace and prosperity of the family. If it comes in eastern northeast, the family will enjoy riches and fame.

The well should not be sunk in north east corner, or close to the house, but should be in northeast of the whole site. It should not be dug in any place other than the above mentioned.

The construction of the well below the ground may be round or square, but it must be round above the ground to avoid the thrust of the square-corners. The platform around the well should not touch the compound walls in east and north and should be less elevated than the plinth.

v     Bath Room

The bathroom, in this site, should be built in the open space towards southeast, away from the house and the compound. The space between house and bath should not exceed the space between bath and the compound.

v     Toilet

The toilet in northwest of the house should be built away from the northern wall of the house and the compound, in line with the house. The pit should be provided in the middle of the east or north lateral side. The W.C. must be in line with north and south, so that the user should not face east or west while using it.

v     Slanting Projections

To the house facing west, when there’s a verandah without iron grills, the verandah, must be provided in east. When the verandah in west becomes essential, another one should be built in east also.

When there’s an unenclosed verandah in the west, smaller walls as thick as those of the house at a height of three feet in north and south must be built to arrest the southern southwestward and northern northwest ward movements. Then the movements would be through east and west and will augur well.

In respect of a slanting projection in west to the house facing west, a room can be built there under in southwest and the entrance to it should be made towards north in an exalted position. The room should not be built in northwest.

v     Street Thrust and Street Trust

The street thrust in western southwest to this site will lead to horrible consequences.

Prov : Street thrust in western southwest- Punches the destiny of male as a ghost.

At Proddatur, an abode of poets, philosophers and artist in Andhra Pradesh, the temple of Sri Chennakeshava Swammy, even after two centuries of existence, remains as a poor endowment institution, suffering from financial constrains, because of the evil effect of the street thrust in western southwest of it. Had it been from western northwest, it would have been yielded many favours.

Prov : Western northwest street trust -Enthroves forward to be the leader of trust.

At Adoni in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, India, Lakshmamba Ammavari Matham, of a human saint, enjoys the patronage of thousands of devotees, because there is a street trust in western northwest.

When there is a street thrust to this site in southwestern angle or northwestern angle, it will result into disasters and unforeseen calamities.

v     Commercial Buildings

There should be some business to have a livelihood. This would be very much profitable if the business center is in an established locality with good shopping facilities.

When the shop is open in the western or western southwest of this site, the main entrance should be kept in western northwest and the flooring should be sloped towards east to north.

When the owner takes his seat in southwest, facing towards east, the cash box should be kept towards his right. If he sits there, facing north, the cash box, be placed towards his left. Never should the business be done by occupying the seat in southeast, northwest, or northeast.

The steps to this shop should be arranged in northwest. Alternatively a pail can be constructed from southwest till the mind point in west and in remaining northwest part steps can be constructed in horizontal or semicircular manner. The balance should be erected in southwest corner on a pail, or alongside western or southern walls.

The heavy material such as show cases, stands or loaded cartoons and bags for storing grain should be placed in southern southwest only.

Dual shutters are arranged to the shops-a big and a small one and used to shut one of it by keeping open the other. In case of a shop, facing west, the exalted northwestern shutter only should be kept open closing the shutter in western southwest or both of them be kept open; but vice versa is prohibited.

Ideal West Plot/ Home

Golden Rules About The Western Plots

v    Door in western southwest – More damaging to the life of the host.

v    Western entrance – Improves household happiness.

v    Western northwest entry – Showers a series of glory.

v    Movement from east to western northwest – Brings illness to the whole family nest.

v    Movement from eastern southeast to west – Leads the host to determined.

v    Passage to northern northeast to west – Assures success and victories at the best.

v    From west to eastern northeast movement – Bestows male progeny and intellectual development.

v    A house facing towards west – Must have a yard in the east.

v    Erect a gate in western southwest – Bring untimely death as fast.

v    Gate in west – Earns glory to male members of the family.

v    Western northwest gate – Is auspicious and the best.

v    Eastern wall higher than that of the west – unhealthy to the resident.

v    Awry Western Wall – Affect happiness of one and all.

v    Annexing the plot in west – Putting the health under test.

v    More open yard in east than in west – Showers glory and fame to males best.

v    Construction of house right on boundary in west – Attracts names and fame behest.

v    Drainage pipe in western southwest – Baneful to the welfare of the host.

v    Drain pipe towards west – A snake which saps all the best.

v    Entrance facing west – Brings in the best and the wealthiest.

v    Bathroom in west sans pit – Enlarges and keeps family  well knit.

v    Bed room in west – A safe sail for life and rest.

v    Facing west do the cooking – In northwest can be, while alternation lacking.

v    Arrange health in western northwest – Only to be done as a last asset.

v    Sit not in toilet facing west – Cut not health to the crust.

v    Cellar in west – Never ending struggle with the worst.

v    Well in the west – A hell in the life of the host.

v    Slanting projection in west – Kills the health of the male and makes unrest.

v    Room under western projection in western southwest – Proves to be beneficial to men’s interest.

v    Under western projection, a room in northwest – Bans male folk of their zest.

v    Bio-gas plant with the pit in west – Starts a baneful disastrous account.

v    Erect a basil fort in west – Ensure the healthy life a lot.

v    Up stair in the west – For the male chances are best.

v    Overhead tank in west be provided – Health for the whole nest be invited.

v    Elevated pails in west – Ushers an era of rich harvest.

v    Pails, in west, less elevated – Drag away towards ruin unasserted.

v    Pails, less elevated in western northwest – Negative catalyses for wealth and rest.

v    Attic resting on western wall – A seat of prosperity and serial.

v    Trees in western southwest – contribute a lot for the health of host.

v    Trees grown in west portion – Preserve health and provide perfect protection.

v    Growing trees in western northwest – Beating golden wings for weathering hights the highest.

v    Heavy items in west – An era of peace and rest.

v    Heaps of stones an d waste material in west – Start an era of the first and the best.

v    Street thrust in western southwest – Punches the destiny of male as a ghost.

v    Western northwest street trust – Enthrones forward to be the leader of trust.

v    Gradient towards west – No hopes! Happiness is also lost.

v    Elevated land in west – Turns up house hold into golden chest.

v    Western southwest extension – Hosts lifeline construction.

v    Angular extension of western northwest – Indicates frivolous nature of host.

v    Right angular extension of western northwest – Rejuvenate the joyous to the best.

v    Closure of west – Rouses the glory of the host.

v    Leaves not west uncovered – Expose not betterment unguarded.

v    Prayers offered facing west – Boomerangs an era of the worthiest.

v    Vaastu built construction – Proves to be super-benediction.

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