Naturopathy Treatments Include:

(a) Hydrotherapy:

Water at different temperatures is used to treat diseases. Different treatments includes enema, steam bath, sauna bath, turkish bath, jet bath, spinal hip bath, spinal irrigation, asthma bath, arm & foot bath, hot foot bath, gastro hepatic pack, kidney pack, body wraps, hot & cold fomentations, local steams with herbal oils, ice applications, and different other varieties of water treatments.

(b) Mud therapy:

Earth (mud) has certain healing qualities. In this method pure mud is taken from the ponds, cleansed and sterilized by sun rays and is applied to different parts of body. Mud therapy includes eye & abdominal mud packs, full body mud bath, and local mud applications.

(c) Massagetherapy:

It is a systematic manipulative therapy with certain movements to stimulate and tone external and internal organs with the help of herbal oils.


  • MASSAGE Increases the blood circulation
  • Exercises the muscles
  • It tones up & stimulate nerves by stimulating the sweat pores it
  • Cleanses the skin
  • Increase the basal metabolic rate gives relaxation to body and mind


Acupuncture is the Chinese traditional treatment technique, in this treatment fine needles are inserted in to specific points of the body to balance the energy and to stimulate the different nerve endings. The principle of acupuncture is, It

  • Balances the energy
  • Neurophysiological stimulation
  • Endorphine release theory

This treatment is very beneficial in Rheumatic, Neurological and Locomotor diseases.

(e) Magnetotherapy:

It is a system of treating various diseases through the application of magnet. Clinical studies conducted by medical schools show that magnetic flux emitted by alternating electric current promotes health and provides energy. It increases the natural power of body to resist disease. According to the person’s ailments, different poles & different magnetic instruments are used to treat the ailments by our Institute’s eminent magnetotherapist. Different types of magnetic instruments used at this centre are magnetic belts, magnetic coils, electromagnetic chair, electromagnetic bed, healing pulsating magnet, different high & low power magnets and other magnetic instruments.

(f) Chromotherapy:

As all the colours are gifted with certain healing properties which helps to cure diseases. Different colours used are ultravoilet rays, Infra-red rays, VIBGYOR and chromodisc etc. Colour therapy is the technique of restoring the imbalance by means of applying colored light to body. Colors has effect on physical, physiological & emotional levels

(g) Heliotherapy:

Promoting health and preventing the diseases with the help of sunrays which has low frequency ultraviolet and infrared rays is heliotherapy.


It is a system of treating the diseases with the help of low frequency electric treatments and some systematic exercises. Our centre has been equipped with the important most modern electrotherapy instruments like ultrasound, short wave diathermy, faradic & galvanic currents, interferential therapy, muscle stimulators transcutaneous nerve stimulators etc.

Regular exercise is immensely important for good health. It may be by using modern equipments, free hand exercises, games etc. Exercise therapy department is separately designed for males & females which has the basic instruments to keep oneself fit and healthy. Some of the important instruments are, tread mills, static cycle, rowing apparatus, twisters, fat mobilisers, vibrators, pulleys, finger exerciser, chest & thigh exerciser, shoulder wheel etc.

(i) Walking:

Walking has been described to be the easiest and best fitness exercise for all ages. Early morning & evening walk at this centre is a part of routine treatments. This centre has one kilometer long metalled walking track around the campus with beautiful ponds and chirping birds giving company.


Chanting prayers has great importance to promote health. It enhances the faith toward the super power, their by increasing the self confidence and relieving stress.

A Prayer :

  • Is food for mind

  • Improves concentration
  • Relieves strain.

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