General Rules of Vaastu

Apart from what has been discussed, there are some general rules of Vaastu, which can be treated as Vaastu Miscellaneous.

While building or buying a house there should be a good place left in all sides of the house, when the out-house is built in the arena.

The house should not be bi-furcated after the construction. It is better to build separate houses from the beginning instead of doing partition after completion. This stands good in the case of rentals, too.

All the walls of the terrace should be the same in width as of the ground floor. When it is desired to make it thin, the space should be left equally on both sides of the wall, to hold the weight perfectly in the center. For example when the wall of the ground floor should be of 18″, the wall of the terrace is of 14″ or 9″, and be built in between the width of the ground-wall, leaving equal place on both sides. This will strengthen the walls, too, to hold the weight equally and properly.

The divergent or convergent constructions should not be made with the opening towards south. In divergent construction, when the south is left open with the building in east and north, it will become most harmful as per Vaastu. Similarly drastic unforeseen things will happen, when the south is left open in convergent structures, as the building would be in east, north and west.

It is better to hang the churning stick to a poll. The person should face east, while churning and cooking food in the kitchen. The pots for drinking water should not be put exclusively in northeast, touching the walls in north and east. No pails be constructed to put the pots in northeast. In southwest the pots be arranged on the platform

All the domestic objects such as brooms, pestles and so on must be kept in south western corner; not in the northeast, even for a short while. The waste should not be kept in northeast accumulated; but should be disposed off frequently. Grinders, mixers and any such heavier gadgets must be kept alongside the west, and southern southwestern walls in the respective rooms, as per convenience.

It is most beneficent to put the almirah in southwest corner facing north. It may be placed in that corner, facing north. It may be placed in that corner, facing east, which also augurs very well. Some experts of Vaastu, opine, that the almirahs be kept in north, the place of Kubera, the god of Riches and in northeast, the abode of Shiva, the god of Abundance; but, it seems to be, that they have forgotten the disasters of heaviness in northeast and so on. It’s not a presumption but the solid results of experience.

Refrigerators, iron-box, shoe-rack, tables, sofa-sets, etc; must be placed in southern and western rooms along with the southern and western walls. TV antenna should be fixed in southwest on a pail. Never, it should be in northeast. The fodder for the animals can be arranged in south and west.

It’s better that the cots which are not in use, should be placed along with the southern or western walls. It’s a good habit to sleep on the left side.

The windows must be provided in northeastern room, when they are provided in southwestern room.

One should not hesitate to arrange water pots in southwest on pails, as it is prohibited only under the ground level, in a sump or pit.

The bathrooms can be constructed in southwest, but not be made gradient.

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